2018 Route Jim Creek to Portland

2018 Route Jim Creek to Portland

This selection documents our 2018 Route from  Jim Creek Washington  to Portland Oregon and the stops along the way. We departed Jim Creek on July 27, 2018 traveling east across the Cascade Mountains  and then south through central Washington until reaching the Columbia River then turning west to Portland . 

After spending eight nights at Jim Creek we went to Rockport Washington  for five more nights. Our stays have been much longer starting in Tacoma and are much more relaxed. From Rockport we stayed in North Cascades National Park for six nights followed by four nights at Pearrygin Lake State Park and three nights at Bridgeport Washington. 

When at Pearrygin Lake we made the decision to try and evade smoke from the wildfires by first going south to the Columbia River and then east to Portland.

Our primary must see location on the way was North Cascades National Park. 

Weather in the northwest during the summer was very pleasant earlier but turned hot and dry. Once we got to the east side of the Cascades wildfires were causing poor visibility and choking air quality. Our intent was to cross Washington west to east but the air quality made us change our plans and re-route south and then west to escape the smoke filled air.  This didn’t work until we got to Portland.