Lake View, Campsite, view, Hyrum Lake State Park, Logan, Utah

Hyrum Lake State Park

This picture is from Hyrum State Park in north-central Utah.  This is a very nice lake with plenty of visitors even in early May especially in contrast to Huntington Lake State Park, which we had all to ourselves. In the last week, we had snow showers and small hail followed by lots of rain. We only stayed at Hyrum for two days, Friday and Saturday night, moving on to a remote place for Sunday on the way to Idaho. Hyrum State Park is just south of Logan and close enough to Salt Lake for day visitors.  Not remote at all! We still liked it and want to return but it isn’t remote. This place is loved and well used by plenty of visitors. I want it all to myself. 

The biggest problem at Hyrum Lake State Park, in my opinion, is that the lake is unsafe for water play, other than water skiing, wakeboarding, and jet skis. From sunrise to sunset, Saturday, the boats, boarder, and skiers were zooming. At least it was mostly confined to the middle of the lake. The wakeboard – boats are designed to throw up a large wake so the boarders can jump the waves, behind the boat. Even if you were to kayak around the perimeter of the lake, waves are crashing the shoreline far from the boaters. The speed boats seem to prefer the water to be calm as do kayaks.  I think a few rules would go a long way to making this place more pleasant for more people by isolating the speed boats away from the beach.  Enough rant.

Back to the RV buying story

So we decided on Class A – with some regrets.  If you ever walk into an RV and see a huge kitchen, you walked into a fifth-wheel. Fifth-wheels have three huge advantages over a Class A.  Fifth-wheels live big, unless poorly designed when the living space is cut up into smaller spaces. They have a natural division between living and bedroom.  Secondly, a fifth-wheel only has one engine to fail, on the truck. Obviously theory says two engines should be more expensive to buy and maintain than one. Theory and reality not being the same thing, this isn’t always true. A good fifth-wheel and a good truck costs about the same as a good Class A and a good car.  Notice I didn’t say a great fifth-wheel (or a great Class A). The biggest advantage of some good fifth-wheel is that they can be insulated well and can (depending on the manufacturer) be more comfortable in terms of weather tolerance than a Class A.  I still have some fifth-wheel envy. If you want to camp in the snow, an RV (fifth-wheel) designed to be used that way would be better than my RV.

In about 3 more moves we will be in Boise.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route New Mexico to Salt Lake City

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