Green Springs Highway – Bad Roads for RVs

Green Springs Highway

Green Springs Highway – Bad Roads for RVs is located in southern Oregon between Ashland and Keno. This is a very tight steep road and is filled with logging trucks making the route a bad choice to travel across southern Oregon. The road is also known as Oregon Route 66.

The road is very tight with multiple sections of steep grades. There are sharp turns and drop-offs without guard rails for most of the route. Most of the time there are no shoulders or pull-outs to allow faster vehicles to pass.

Oregon Department of Transportation Tripcheck Interactive Map

Here are our blog entries for Crater Lake National Park and Emigrant Lake County Park.


Elevation: west to east, 4550-Green Springs Mountain Summit, 4356 -Parker Mountain Summit, 4700 feet- Hayden Mountain Summit,

Length: 58 miles

Terrain: Numerous 6% descents and one 7% westbound near Ashland.

Turns: Numerous hairpin turns, for the entire route

Rest Stops & Turnouts: Numerous small pull-outs. At about halfway on the north side of the road, is Tub Springs State Wayside. There is also a small turn out at the highest point on the route at Hayden Mountain Summit.

Runaway truck ramps: None

Eastbound the climb to Green Springs Mountain Summit is very steep at 7% for seven miles. The descent starts with 5-6% four three miles. Starting at Parker Mountain Summit are multiple sections of 5-6% descents over six miles. Starting at Hayden Mountain Summit the descent is 6% over four miles with multiple 20 mile-per-hour turns.

Westbound the climb to Hayden Mountain Summit is steep with a 6% grade for four miles. Then the road levels out through Parker Mountain Summit with short steep climbs and rolling descents. Starting at Green Springs Mountain Summit the descent becomes very serious at 7% for seven miles with multiple 25-30 mile per hour curves.

Green Springs Highway – Bad Roads for RVs

We traveled the Green Springs Highway in our motor home between our visit to Crater Lake and Emigrant Lake. We mistakenly believed that since this was a highway direct to Emigrant Lake it would be the preferred route. Oregon Route 140, which we found after traveling the Green Springs Highway, would have been a much better choice.

Here is our link to our interactive map. Bad Roads for RVs

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