Emigrant Lake, Ashland Oregon

Emigrant Lake County Park, Oregon

Emigrant Lake County Park, Oregon, we have a nice view from our front window.  It is Memorial Day, boats everywhere. We will be here for the rest of the week.  

No rain expected this week. We (I) will need to wash off all the grime; both car and RV are really dirty.

Dragging Bottom

There was a spillway to cross in the road on the way into the campground. Essentially it is a small hill followed by a large dip with a flat bottom. As we crossed it, and RV was going into the dip, front wheels on the bottom, the car was still on the hill, and we heard the sound of steel dragging on concrete. We were dragging our hitch on the way in….. The low-rider car isn’t doing so well. Because this is a city car, we had to put a drop hitch between the car and the RV and it was dragging. The drop hitch left a six-foot-long mark on the concrete and flattened the bottom of the drop hitch.

Getting to Emigrant Lake wasn’t easy. We had to cross the Cascade Range and frankly, we took the wrong road starting in Klamath Falls on Highway 66. We even went south to the bigger city thinking that the bigger city would have a better (bigger road).  If you ever come this way, the easy way across the Cascades is highway 140. Highway 66 is slow and twisty, more suitable for a car drive than an RV. Of course, we didn’t know it at the time and on the map, the roads look about equal. We have explored both and 66 is not the best way.  Still, 66 took us directly to our destination and experience is the most effective teacher; we won’t do this road in the RV next time.

The road does have length restrictions that were big enough for our RV and ignored by drivers of logging trucks.  Logging trucks seem to think that all the curves were purposely designed to challenge their skills and wear out their tires. It appears that each driver is trying to get a personal best on the road; logs swinging wildly, some marks on the curves indicate that the logs were dragging on the hillsides.  

Ashland and Medford

Emigrant Lake is south of Ashland and Medford (both visited) and delightful. The entire area is very nice. The entire area gets four seasons, including snow, but not nearly as much as Crater Lake and not nearly as much rain as the Willamette Valley. Interstate 5 exits California just south of here and goes all the way to Seattle. Ashland is a nice city with an Old England theme and summer long Shakespeare festival. Medford is modern and most normal services can be found easily.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Boise to Coos Bay

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  1. Linda and I are sitting on our back porch looking at this and thinking… “We’re looking at a postcard”. It’s beautiful there. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. to Joel: The car is fine unless you want to exit a parking lot without dragging the front end or back end. And since it is such a low rider I had to have a drop on the hitch… To make the tow bars level, I drag the hitch between the RV and the car.

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