Campsite Valley of Fires New Mexico

Valley of Fires

From our perch on a ridge top at Valley of Fires BLM Campground surrounded by lava fields only 5000 years old, we again are going to have a windy day. I point out that the Lava is only 5000 years old, because, with the exception of active volcanos, 5000 years old is very recent.

There is no water for kayaks for 100 miles in any direction. However from our location, if it was there, we could see it from here. Visibility is at least 100 miles. Valley of Fires is on the east side of White Sands Missile Range (the range is huge, which comes in handy when you shoot missiles).

View Valley of Fires New Mexico
View Valley of Fires New Mexico

We will be here for the rest of the week. The nearest town to our campsite at Valley of Fires is Carrizozo. Population 950 +/- including the surrounding ranchers. We passed through Lincoln, made famous by Billy the Kid. We will return for a visit and send pictures.

For alien fans, our current location is much closer to the actual location of the “government cover-up” than Roswell. The sky is very dark and clear at night. Even without the moon, the stars were bright enough to see the road last night.

For fans of the extremely remote, don’t miss our next post, we go to a place that hardly anyone has ever gone to. It is important but almost always closed.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route El Paso to Colorado

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15 thoughts on “Valley of Fires”

  1. Hi Scott, I enjoy keeping up with your travels keep-um coming.

    Looks like spring has final spring here, next 2 -3 days will be 70 degrees and above freezing at night.

  2. to Chaz

    Looks similar. This is 3 miles wide and 44 miles long. The formations are huge. It would take all day to cross it at a narrow point, only by lots if climbing. No way a horse could cross it.

  3. to Chaz

    Go elsewhere, went to 1850s, Fort Stanton today. (Pic make sure to zoom in) Going to a ghost town maybe Friday. Going west towards Socorro on Saturday (special destination) My go towards Alamogordo tomorrow. If you didn’t leave here, you could learn to drink and enjoy the view.

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