El Paso Texas to Colorado

From El Paso Texas to Raton New Mexico map

Our camping site was nothing to brag about and the weather was not kind. But Carlsbad Caverns National Park did not disappoint.

Bottomless Lakes State Park was named because even after tying several ropes together, the cowboys at the time were never able to measure the depth.

From our perch on a ridge top surrounded by lava fields only 5000 years old, we again are going to have a windy day.

This picture was taken at Trinity Site, ground zero. The location of the very first atomic explosion. 

We are now at Santa Rosa Lake State Park also on the Pecos River and about 40 miles north of Sumner Lake. The area has bigger trees than areas further south but it would be a stretch to call it a forest.

We had enough fun in eastern New Mexico. Nice lakes but a constant spring wind made for wetter kayak rides unless we caught the wind just right.  So we re-routed to Albuquerque. 

Albuquerque to Cochiti Lake. Then we went a little further north to Abiquiu Lake (pictures) for a very nice week. 

The pine trees are wonderful and it is so quiet. Snow is still thick on all the mountains surrounding the Chama River Valley. Heron Lake, however, is nearly empty from several years of drought, but rising fast. 

We moved from the valley between Santa Fe and Chama New Mexico and made an extra-long (for us) drive to Sugarite Canyon just to the east of Raton NM. 

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