Scott and Tami with a view of Willamette River, Eugene Oregon

Eugene Oregon Tilt – Well that didn’t work

We re-routed to Eugene Oregon to get our RV worked on. We lean towards the passenger side.

Parts to fix it were sent to the shop by Tiffin directly. Tiffin choose the shop to do the work, all we had to do was show up and wait for the repair to be done.

First Plan Eugene

Armitage Park

We drove to Eugene early and stayed at Armitage Park, yesterday, which has several advantages. First, it was close to the repair facility, with easy access to the freeway, and it has views of the McKenzie River. We wanted to check out the route to and from the shop to figure out where we would be parking — before we have to get the RV there the following morning. 

Since the repair was on Tuesday morning and expected to only take a few hours, at the most, all we had to do was drop it off and then return just after lunch and we would be done. We scheduled our RV Park for Monday through Thursday so we would know we had a place to come back to after the repair was done and if the repair took longer than anticipated we would still have a short drive after the repair.

Tiffin arranged with Caterpillar to do the repair in Eugene and from the looks of the place they repair stuff way bigger than our RV.  W dropped it off at eight AM, got in the car to go out for breakfast, and at 8:30 before we found a place to eat; we got a call that they couldn’t fix the RV. It was going to be an easy fix and now it was a hard fix.

Broken weld showing movement found at the Caterpillar shop in Eugene Oregon
Broken weld showing movement found at the Caterpillar shop in Eugene Oregon

The technician took a quick look at the RV and announced that the fix wouldn’t work. It seems that between the house and the frame we have seven out of sixteen welds that are cracked. The supports are even shifting on the passenger side as we are driving down the road. Even if they put a block between the spring and axle the house was still in the process of falling onto the frame. Caterpillar in Eugene doesn’t weld, which I find somewhat curious, what they probably mean is that they don’t weld anything this small.

The new plan going to Bend Oregon

So the new plan is to go from Eugene to Bend Oregon. Tiffin isn’t worried about us driving it to the Bend — what is the worst thing that could happen?  The answer to that is that if all the welds broke, then the house could fall on the chassis and during the fall (about an inch) it could crush our wiring harness. Still, that is what they want and Bend isn’t too far away. 

We can still drive it, at least it doesn’t have to be towed, and the only place in the entire northwest part of the country that can fix it is only 80 miles away. Now where to stay, how to get there, and when can the repair be done? Well, the answer to the last question is that we can’t get it fixed for two more weeks. The shop is already booked. 

OK, a new route and a delay of two more weeks. Where to stay? We are going back to Bend and back to a campground we love and chill for the next two weeks. Our route plan is to stop at three different places on the way to Bend. After all, we have two weeks to get there. First, we are going to stop at Foster Lake, then stop again at Sisters Oregon, and then back to La Pine State Park south of Bend.

While in Eugene Oregon, we were able to take a very nice bike ride on a river path. This time of year in Eugene is very nice.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Portland to Boise

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9 thoughts on “Eugene Oregon Tilt – Well that didn’t work”

    1. The story goes that an engineer, without consulting the welder first, decided that welding one side of each post would be sufficient because there were so many posts.

      I think a really good welder would weld everyplace a weld could be made to make sure the welds were as strong as possible. Of course, my method is overkill for a typical RV user who only uses the RV occasionally and then only on smooth roads. Which of course is not the way I use my RV.

      We love Bend. We may not love Bend in the winter — especially in our RV.

    1. All it is going to change is our route and may subtract some desert. I just hope I get far enough without getting caught by snow.

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