Snippet: Lion Energy

Snippet: Lion Energy

Snippet: Lion Energy – manufactures one of my favorite RV products the Safari UT 1300 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. They sell lots of products that are not just big batteries. I didn’t know how many different products this company offers to help people in their everyday life.

Lion demonstration trailer.

You can see in the photo that I am standing in front of the Lion Energy demonstration trailer. Notice the edges of the solar panels on top of the trailer. I hope they can tilt the panels. While in Utah I visited Lion’s main design, testing, and distribution center. While there I was given the nickel tour of some of the testing in progress. I would have loved to play with some of the equipment and products, but they were working and I would have been in the way. Plus there was that virus distance thing.


Greg (in the picture) and I got to chat about the items that RVers are buying and I got a sneak preview of a few future products that they are thinking about.

Every product that enters the shipping bay is unpackaged and tested. Lion makes sure that every product is working correctly before it is sent to the consumers.


As some of you know, if you need lithium batteries for your RV, the best deal I have found is at Costco. You also know that Costco will not always have lithium batteries in stock. Costco sometimes has them on at big discounts. My guess is that most of Lion’s products are sold via Costco. But they have multiple dealers and some carry inventory.


Here are a few links to Lion Energy products that I find interesting. Some day I will review a few of these items. But for now, all I can do is tell about them.

Lion Energy UT1300 Lithium Battery
Lion Energy UT1300 Lithium Battery

Lion Safari UT 1300 battery, I have been using this battery, without difficulty since June. It just works, without maintenance other than checking to see if the terminal posts are still tight. I have yet to find a loose one.) One of the cool things is that this battery weighs 23 pounds and packs the useable energy of a lead-acid battery weighing 200 pounds. Here are a couple more links to articles on lithium batteries for RVs. Batteries Lead or Lithium, Lithium/Lead Acid Final Analysis (and nearly every post on RV Solar Series Part Four Expansion)

Cool products that I have not tested

Lion Energy Safari ME
Lion Energy Safari ME

Lion Energy Safari ME is an all-in-one solution for portable power and could be a good fit for small RV power needs, or perhaps as an emergency backup. It has a built-in inverter to turn DC from its built-in battery to AC power. It can run small electrical loads when normal utility-based power is not available. This product could replace a portable generator for construction (remember to recharge it often) and would be ideal anyplace where you need portable silent power.

It has a built-in solar charge controller rated for up to 600 watts. Or you can recharge it using AC power. One of the possible applications is to store and then extend generator power for longer periods after the generator is shut off.

Jump starter

Lion Energy Cub
Lion Energy Cub JC

Lion Energy Cub JC is a spare battery jump starter with a few options. In this case, you also have a small compressor to fill tires and a built-in flashlight. This is one of the things you carry so that you have options when life’s unexpected problems crop up.

One of the cool things is that you can recharge the cub from either AC or DC.

Pocket Battery

Lion Energy Prowler
Lion Energy Prowler

Lion Energy Prowler, this cell phone-sized battery/flashlight is the largest portable power pack that is TSA approved for air travel. The case is rugged and may be military-spec (my evaluation- just a guess). It has USB connections and can easily recharge portable devices like cell phones. You recharge the Prowler just like a cell phone using a USB cord.

Lion also sells some small portable solar panels.

Supplies are limited

One of the problems with these products is that often the demand exceeds the supply. Sometimes they are back-ordered.

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Lion Safari UT 1300 battery

Lion Energy Safari ME

Lion Energy Cub JC

Lion Energy Prowler

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