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Snippet: Passport America RV Discount Camping Club can save RVers lots of money for campsites. The campgrounds offer 50% off normal rates for members. It is easy to use and the annual costs are about the same as one night stay at one campground. So stay at two Passport America member campgrounds and the program pays for itself.

There is no limit to the number of nights per year you can stay at Passport America Campgrounds, however, each campground sets its own rules and typically only allow campers to stay for one or two days at the discounted rate. Change locations and the new campground will again honor the discount.

One of the good things about the program is that it is large enough that they have almost 1600 or so campgrounds in the program and anyone (not just members) can look for Passport America campgrounds.

They have an app

For mobile cell phone users, Passport America has an app for that. We don’t use it on a cell phone and can’t comment on how good the app is, or is not.

Route Planning

Passport America has part of its website associated with planning an RV route. We also don’t use this part of the club and also can’t comment on how good this is.

Insider Info

The typical price for membership is forty-four dollars per year. However, Passport America frequently has multiple discounts for both new members and renewing members. Wait for a discount especially when you are renewing.

Another way to maximize your membership is to wait until you need it and then purchase a few days before you schedule a stay. Passport America will establish everything you need for membership via email.


Make sure you read the description for each campground you are considering. Each campground sets its own rules. This includes lockout windows. For example, there are many campgrounds in Arizona and Florida that don’t offer discounts in the winter.

The second comment we have with the program is that some campgrounds are much better than others. Here are some reviews for some membership campgrounds. Most of the time they are just fine, but your mileage may vary. We have stayed at multiple membership campgrounds and someday we will add reviews for all of them but for now, one of the most recent campgrounds was Lake Elsinore West Marina.

Sign Up

Sign up for the program at the Passport America website by clicking this link: Passport America RV Discount Camping Club There is a way to link your account to our account so that we get a kickback on the program. We however are not in it for the money and only provide this information to you free of charge, without expecting a kickback. This is our normal method, we are not in it for the money. It is not that we don’t care, but rather we don’t want anyone, anywhere to think that we are selling our endorsement. When we meet someday, you can buy burgers.

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Passport America RV Discount Camping Club

Lake Elsinore West Marina

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