RV Solar Series Part Four

New RV, massive battery and huge solar panel system.

We are creating a hybrid mongrel battery for our RV. The system will have lots of solar, and both lead-acid and lithium batteries. 

What is an electric bucket? An “electric bucket” is my description of our battery remodel.

Ten Lithium Battery Myths and Answers After you spend lots of money on lithium batteries you want them to last.

For the first year, we camped the hard way – with lead-acid batteries and without solar panels. 

Boondocking without solar, we have done that before but never have we done it this easily. Our battery system is holding us into the second day without recharging

My goal is to be (electric) energy independent, this includes air conditioning on batteries and solar.

Air Conditioner from Solar and Batteries: Can you run your RV air conditioner from your battery and solar panels? The short answer is yes. We have proved that it is possible. 

A friend of mine deliberately destroyed two lithium batteries while testing. He tested them to the point of failure.

Can my new Zamp Obsidian solar array, and my “Massive Electric Bucket” eliminate my need for both external power hookups and running my generator?

You have too many solar panels! This should shed some light on our solar install. How did we design our RV solar and battery system?

We have installed eighteen Zamp Obsidian solar panels to recharge our lithium battery. This article explains the wiring of the solar panels so that they act as one panel.

The most important part of an RV solar install isn’t the panels, controller, or battery, it is the battery monitor.

Dry Camping twelve days on solar. Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Here are the results.