Waterfall near Grants Pass Oregon

Roseburg, Oregon

We went hunting waterfalls yesterday outside of Roseburg, Oregon. Shot a good one. Roseburg is in the mountains south of the Willamette Valley and graced with lots of rain. Ideal for pretty rivers and waterfalls.

Rouge River east of Grants Pass Oregon
Rouge River east of Grants Pass Oregon

We are getting spoiled by the green. Of course, that goes with the rain that will start again tonight. This is a better lifestyle, only moving every few days, and not going far is very relaxing.

Rouge River east of Grants Pass Oregon
Rouge River east of Grants Pass Oregon

Here is a picture of the sawdust from the mill. It takes lots of trees to make a mountain of sawdust.

Wood chip sawdust pile Dillard Oregon
Wood chip sawdust pile Dillard Oregon

I am able to get some things done with the RV improvements that I have wanted to make.  I replaced all the faucets last week. (but you don’t want to hear about that)

Here is a link to the google map for Roseburg, Oregon.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Boise to Coos Bay

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7 thoughts on “Roseburg, Oregon”

  1. to Dave: It is one mile from the road, twenty miles from a 20K people city, Roseburg, a lumber town. We are spending a town day in the Laundromat. How was your camping trip?

  2. Laundromats are very important to your lives right now I’m sure. We enjoyed two nights of camping last weekend. We’re enjoying seeing the country through you guys I guess.

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