Mount Hood, Oregon

Boring, Oregon

The day before we arrived at the last campsite, at the east end of the Columbia Gorge, they had a wildfire. This is really getting old. The fire was out, but the airflow, which is normally up the river, from the ocean is still reversed and smoke that covers all of Oregon and Washington goes all the way to the coast. 

Memaloose State Park

Our last campsite, Memaloose State Park is in the Columbia River Gorge and is sandwiched between the train tracks and Interstate 84. Overall it was a nice place, other than the noise, which was not as bad as I expected. We choose a site (which may have had a view of the river) even though we knew it was next to the train track. I did not know how busy the train tracks would be, but I did know how busy the road would be, so we chose the unknown noise of the trains over the noise on the highway.

Mount Hood and Timberline Lodge covered in smoke August 2018
Mount Hood and Timberline Lodge covered in smoke August 2018

We won in every department on the noise issue. The trains were still noisy, but they were behind a small hill which made them bearable. The highway was far enough in the other direction as not to be a problem. Smoke, however, killed the view, which might be exceptional – I don’t know.

Boring, Oregon

So after Memaloose, we moved from the brown side of Mount Hood to the green side of Mount Hood. East is brown, and the west side is green. Barton Park is a small county park and is exceptional in every way. Very nice, large sites, and low cost.  The location is in Boring, Oregon. Really that is the name of the town.

Creek Near Mount Hood, Oregon
Creek Near Mount Hood, Oregon

We were still choked with smoke on arrival day and the day after, in fact, we drove over to Mount Hood, nearly not being able to see the mountain because of the smoke. The smoky picture is clearer than it really looked, but you can tell from the picture that it isn’t very nice. We also drove back to Mount Hood following day, after the wind shifted and Mount Hood is very pretty, you wouldn’t know it if you had only seen the first picture. This is the first real clear day in two weeks.

It is Friday and the park is filling up for the weekend. Starting Sunday evening we will have the place to ourselves again. I’m surprised that they have no ability water the grass in the park–just not something they do here in the rain zone, I guess. Everything is parched.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Jim Creek to Portland

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