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Snippet: Allstays “Tool Box” is a great reference tool for finding RV campsites. We use it to find campsites every time we decide on a new stop. Allstays shows us campsites of all kinds across the nation. The information is accurate and updated frequently. So far we have not found it to be wrong. I can’t think of any public campground that we have gone to in the last three years that wasn’t on Allstays. You can tell by our Campsites Reviews page, we have been to quite a few places. Campsite Reviews We have used Allstays as part of picking each location.

You will get more details about the places we stayed in our Campsite Reviews section but the huge difference is that Allstays covers way more campgrounds than we could ever go to. We only write about the things we experience. Allstays is a huge resource that has nearly every campground.

The following sequence of pictures shows how I use Allstays to find campsites. You can follow along by opening the website at Allstays, here is the link: Allstays Tool Box

Tutorial Allstays Tool Box

First, open AllStays and then click on the camping icon. It looks just like the picture at the top of this post (only smaller). After that, click on the name of the state where you want to camp. I selected California. After clicking on the words California Campground Map, you can move the map to focus on a specific area.

Allstays Tool Box Map View

This is the picture of the Allstays map for southern California and is a good representation of how many camping places are available. The Black Tents represent commercial campgrounds and the blue tents represent free or nearly free campsites. NP represents National Parks, SP represents state parks.

Allstays Tool Box Map View Filtered

Map Filters are available to focus on a specific type of campground. In this picture, I filtered out everything other than State Parks.

Allstays Silver Strand State Beach

In this picture, I selected Silver Strand State Beach which brings up the dialog box with a general description of the campground. Click on the name or words -full details to open a new window about the campground. In the new window, I focus on the details box after I read the general description of the campground.

Allstays Tool Box Details Box

The two sections of this box I focus on are the View Map selection and the Website selection. View Map opens a window with a google map for the area and the Website box opens a new window with the campground website.

Google map Silver Strand State Beach

Sometimes you have to move the google map a little to see the actual campsite location. After this I always look at the satellite view of the same map.

Google map Silver Strand State Beach Satellite View

The satellite view shows the very same thing as the Allstays description. Silver Strand State Beach is a huge parking lot with RV parking.

Assuming we are still interested, after looking at the campground website, we usually jump back to the Allstays page and look at the reviews. Some reviews are happy and others – not so much. Some are also dated. Many are quite entertaining and some include information that isn’t easy to find… like campers at Silver Strand State Beach are expected to pay a fee to dump their tanks before departure.

They have an app

For mobile cell phone users, Allstays has an app for that. We don’t use it on a cell phone and can’t comment on how good the app is, or is not.

Route Planning

Allstays is not a route planning tool so much as it is a location tool. We use RVParky for route planning and Allstays for location details. RV Parky has location details but we like Allstays better for an easier user experience. Here is a link to our article on RV Parky. Snippet RV Parky Route Planning

Insider Info Allstays Tool Box

Allstays isn’t just a camping resource. Allstays also has hiking trails, hotel locations, truck stops, and lots of other apps. We use Allstays for campgrounds and hiking trails.

Allstays also has a pro version that eliminates outside advertising and has more options than the free version. If you sign-up for the pro version we don’t earn anything from your subscription. The Pro version is available and your choice to go with the free version or signup for the extra stuff. Here is a link to the Pro version details: Allstays Pro.

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