Campsite View San Onofre California

Departing the Beach

Departing the beach. Solar panels on the roof, kayaks on the car… Be in Bonita for one more week, then we turn east for our longest route ever. Our objective for 2019 includes almost every cowboy state and most of the entire Oregon and California coast.

Our stay at San Onofre was very nice and very productive. Last year when we departed on the first year of our full-time journey, we were not ready. There were too many things to do between August and our departure date, so some things had to wait. Solar panels for the RV, which we were sure we wanted had to wait. So did the kayaks. We had inflatable kayaks with us but found that our travel was too fast to make them practical. So when we were in Oregon, we sold them. Inflatable kayaks need to be dried before packing and that wasn’t realistic. Now we are more ready for fun.

Here is the link to the long version of the RV solar report.

Here is a link to the google map for departing the beach at San Onofre.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route San Diego to El Paso

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27 thoughts on “Departing the Beach”

  1. to Stephnie

    Very nice. You will love the batteries….someday maybe I will get there. I’m too timid (and too cheap) to replace my inverter.

  2. Lol. Ya, this system definitely set us back a bit, so we will boondock a lot to recoup the funds!! Have you all ever been to Mission Bay RV resort in San Diego? Some friends want us to visit and I knew you two go all over CA

  3. to Stephnie

    Saw the video. Victron. Way to go. I logged every amp we used (and replaced) last year while off-grid with my monitor. I also saw the inverter. Good choices. Didn’t see the charge controller. Hope it also was Victron.

  4. to Stephnie

    Mission bay is older and tight. Have not stayed there. Walked through a few years ago. We are loving Sweetwater. Also loved Camp Pendelton and Fiddlers cove.

  5. I imagine that you have seen some incredible sunsets and beautiful waves. Just another chapter in your wonderful journey.

  6. It will. I have 190 amphr AGM and 135 watts of solar. Never needed more. Hate that 50% rule but it saves the batteries. I need a Victron controller.

  7. How much do the panels weigh? You chose to put them on the same side; the wisdom is you park with them tilted to the south I guess.

  8. to Aron

    30 lbs each. I put them all on one side so I could still walk on the rest of the roof to do maintenance. The only tilt is to help water runoff.

  9. to Joe

    300 AGM but can only use half. Measured every dry camping over the last year at about 75-100 amps overnight. I hope this really cuts down on my generator use.

  10. to Joe

    Get a Victron battery monitor…712 (with Bluetooth). Also installing a Victron 100/50 controller. Also with Bluetooth. Will be able to control the whole system from my phone.

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