San Diego to El Paso Texas

From San Diego California to El Paso Texas map

This year we stayed in San Onofre California and Coronado California

El Centro California

Navy Blue Angels Solo Practice El Centro California
From San Diego California to El Centro California map

On our way to Arizona we stayed in California. El Centro is the winter training home to the Blue Angels. 

We are still headed east towards Tuscon and stopped in Gila Bend.  From here we drove down to Organ Pipe National Monument

We didn’t have electrical or other hookups in Tucson our official status was overflow. A little cold, except for the folks visiting from Alaska and they didn’t seem to notice. 

Patagonia State Park and Lake is the first stop for birds heading north on migration routes from Mexico.  The place was also full of bird watchers. The bird of highest desire is the Trogon. A tropical bird that visits from Mexico this time of year.  We saw birds, but not this one. 

Sierra Vista is well south of Tucson, even south of Tombstone, yet that didn’t mean the weather was mild. 

Rockhound State Park and City of Rocks State Park were our first two attractions in New Mexico. Both beautiful. 

This was the view before the “bomb cyclone hit the west.  We had quiet the ride with the high winds. 

New Mexico route is access north of Chaparral.  You might have to route further east to Highway 54.

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