View Air Force Academy Chapel Colorado Springs Colorado

Colorado Front Range

We have been camping along I-25 on the Colorado Front Range since picking it up in Santa Fe New Mexico at the end of May. Our last stop was at the Air Force Academy where we had a mature tree-covered location just a little west of I-25. The star attraction not on the Academy was Garden of the Gods. The star attraction on the Academy is the chapel.   

View Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs Colorado
View Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs Colorado

Bear Creek Lake Park

This morning we drove north to the Denver –metro area. We picked up lots of traffic and congestion on the way, so much so that Tami was a little worried about the city camping part of this trip. We turned toward the mountains on the southwest side of the city to Bear Creek Lake Park, City of Lakewood Colorado. Yes, that is right; we are camping in a city park for the rest of the week.

City Parks are obviously not all the same. New York City, central park is 843 acres. Obviously, that is right in the middle of mid-town Manhattan, some of the highest-valued real estate in the world and of course our RV isn’t going anywhere near this city park.  City parks that I am more familiar with are much smaller, although Balboa Park in San Diego is huge at 1200 acres and includes the entire San Diego Zoo. 


Lakewood Colorado, Bear Creek “City Park” is as far west as you can go in Colorado without actually being in the mountains and measures in at 2600 acres including three large lakes. If you add the land for the ranch (completely surrounded by the park, and the golf courses and the open space to the west, the area grows by another 1000 acres.  For us, the attraction was that even though it is surrounded by Denver-metro to the east and the Rocky Mountains to the west is that it has a large well designed RV campground with most sites spaced around 200 feet apart.

Kayaking Bear Creek Reservoir Morrison Colorado
Kayaking Bear Creek Reservoir Morrison Colorado

Mountain bike trails wander all over the park (good thing for us because we now have mountain bikes).  Our kayaks are welcome on the big lake with only small motorboats allowed. Bear Creek and Turkey Creek bracket the park on the north and south sides. Just downstream from the park is a huge golf course.  All the open space is tallgrass prairie with an open view of the sky.  Red Rocks Park and amphitheater is about four miles away.

Winter in June

So far the only downside is that Colorado just had it’s first June, winter storm of this year. Yesterday was the first day of summer and the mountains got snow. (Steamboat got two feet of snow)  June is still early in the summer if you are in Colorado. So far it is a bit cold.  That will change tomorrow.

All take care now, Scott and Tami

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route Colorado to Minot North Dakota

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  1. Thanks for the update!

    Did you trade in your old bikes for Mt. bikes? What did you get?
    The Park sounds very inviting. Any fish in the streams or lake?

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