View from Lathrop State Park just west of Walsenburg Colorado

Bishop’s Castle

Bishop’s Castle is not to be missed. We have been at the Air Force Academy since last Sunday. It is a special place. Our campsite is in a mature Ponderosa Forest. Several lakes are waiting to be fished and we have all the convenience of Colorado Springs, just down the highway. 

Last week we camped at “wet mountains” just to the southwest of Pueblo at a campsite at Isabel Lake.  We were getting close to the snow line at 8600ft. A little cool at night but very pretty. Deer were behind the RV every morning during the week, but disappeared for the weekend, because of the number of campers doubled for the weekend. The one downside of this location was zero cell service.

The most amazing thing, besides nature, here is Jim Bishop’s Castle.

View of Bishop’s Castle near Rye Colorado
View of Bishop’s Castle near Rye Colorado

Jim Bishop purchased the land when he was 15 years old and started building his castle just up the mountain from Lake Isabel in 1969. Each summer since then, the castle got bigger and bigger. It is hard to describe and believe — especially since he lets visitors wander all over the build, including the chicken walk between the towers. 

View of Bishop’s Castle near Rye Colorado
View of Bishop’s Castle near Rye Colorado

We knew that we would see our friends Mike and Stephanie when we got to the Air Force Academy. What we didn’t know is that by chance, we would be next door. We first met them in Las Vegas, then saw them again in Tucson and our paths cross again in Colorado Springs. And this same thing has happened to us multiple times during our travels.  It is one of the reasons I send out these messages.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route Colorado to Minot North Dakota

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15 thoughts on “Bishop’s Castle”

  1. Went to Bishop’s castle in 1983. It wasn’t so huge then but heard it continued to grow. Met Jim for a tour and then chased turkeys all over those mountains. My friend owns land and cabins down the road from Lake San Isabel. Haven’t been back since 84. I’d be surprised if he’s still alive.


  2. We went here last year too!!!! We wrote a blog about it. What a crazy bizarre place right? We actually met Jim Bishop. LOL He was working on the wall. Ha Ha

  3. We’re on the road to CO right now. We’re going to stop in Pueblo tomorrow night on our way to Twin Lakes.

    We’ve been keeping a close eye on the weather because of all the storms. I can’t believe it’s 100 in Pueblo today! Thank God we left one day later.

    That’s great you were able to meet up with your friends. It’s so much fun when paths cross. Hopefully, ours will someday.


  4. to Joe: Jim is still alive, his wife passed and he has Parkinson’s but was working on a wall last year according to a friends comment. We did see turkeys.


  5. to Bill: He has been in a running fight with the forest service about sourcing rocks from the National Forest surrounding the 1/2 acre lot he purchased. I think most of the rocks were surface stone. Not much appeared to be sub-surface.

    Obviously, there doesn’t seem to be any building codes. He doesn’t work from plans but does have a steel dollhouse model he seems to follow.


  6. We were at the Air Force Academy last month. It is really nice.

    We actually got to spend some time with Mike & Stephanie in Arizona and Nevada. They’re great people!

    Julie & Sean

  7. to John: If I went straight to Twin Lakes, after crossing the prairie through Pueblo, I would get acute mountain sickness. If you get a headache and feel nausea for no reason, especially first thing in the morning, descend immediately. I have seen many people get it by climbing too high too fast. Not everyone gets it and it doesn’t always get me. Just be careful.


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