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Plan for the Total Solar Eclipse 2024

FoxRVTravel-Snippet: Total Solar Eclipse 2024 — In 2017 we started our full-time RV adventure with our RV trip to see the August Total Solar Eclipse. We covered over 1600 miles in two weeks and promised ourselves that we were not going to travel long distances with time constraints.

The trip underlined the fact that we didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t even know that we were departing on a full-time adventure. We only knew that full-time was going be one of our steps toward retirement. One thing we knew is that we had a blast.

While on the trip we were negotiating the sale of our house. We were also trying to figure out how we were going to downsize to a 320 square foot RV. We weren’t even sure that if we were going to travel very far.

Total Eclipse Viewing, Campsite, Cascade Lake, Cascade Idaho
Total Eclipse Viewing, Campsite, Cascade Lake, Cascade Idaho

As far as the eclipse goes, you have to be in the path of the Total Eclipse, otherwise, you will miss it. Even better than being in the path of a total eclipse is to be on the centerline. The reason centerline is better is that the sky will be darker and the duration of the eclipse will be longer. Here is the full story. 2017 Total Eclipse

Planning for 2024

Now that we know how great a total solar eclipse is our plan is to go to the path of the total eclipse in 2024. Without giving too much away on exactly where we plan to be (because we don’t know), here is the map for the 2024 eclipse. Most of Mexico and nearly half of the United States will see a partial eclipse. On the 2024 eclipse, if you are in the path correctly, the eclipse will be darker, longer and more dramatic. You can bet that we will be on centerline.

2024 map of solar eclipse
2024 map of solar eclipse

Our current plan is to be in Texas, north of Austin southwest of Dallas on April 8, 2024. I hope that day isn’t cloudy. Given the path of the total eclipse, perhaps even further south may be preferable with regard to cloud cover. I will perhaps start researching more pertaining to location, elevation, and historic weather before I make a destination.

So there you have it the FoxRVTravel-Snippet: Total Solar Eclipse 2024… hope it is cloud-free and really dark.

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