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Best Burger

Best Burger… the Bulldog Burger is now on the all-time winner’s list for their great Mushroom and Swiss Burger and for their great french fries. Colleges and burgers go together, the Mississippi State Bulldogs provide the namesake for Bulldog Burger in Tupelo (and Starkville) Mississippi. They are masters of burgers and fries. In fact, they are so good at burgers and fries I am considering a third visit, even though it means that we will have to drive 50 miles each way.

Best Mushroom and Swiss Burger — ever

My number one meal at most any restaurant is a hamburger. Most of the time I go for a straightforward burger which is typically the house named burger. In this case, the house burger was named the Bulldog Burger and during our first visit, that is what I got, and it was good. The Bulldog Burger was a typical straightforward American restaurant burger. Not bad but not enough to write home about.

Bulldog Burger Mushroom and Swiss Burger
Bulldog Burger Mushroom and Swiss Burger Photo was taken from their website. I don’t typically take pictures of my food. Had I known how good it was, maybe I would have.

Still, our meal was good enough to warrant a repeat visit and I am very glad we did, the very next time we were in town. I am very glad we went back. I think the french fries were calling me back (more later). This time I branched out to another favorite, a Mushroom and Swiss Burger; this one was the winner! This was the best Mushroom and Swiss Burger I have ever had. It has completely replaced my memory of every other Mushroom and Swiss Burger in my memory. It was great!

In my previous food post, I commented that my favorite Garlic/Swiss Burger location was closed, lost forever. That was about 2000 miles further west of Tupelo. Bulldog Burger has filled that gap in my food desires.

For those interested in my opinion of my recent food delights you can find that post here. Food Desert?

Best French Fries — it is a tie

So far the best french fries we have found were in Idaho Falls. They were made from Russett Potatoes and we found them at The Snow Eagle Brewing & Grill. We were there in September of last year. I failed to include them in the Food Desert post in September (since corrected).

Bulldog Burgers Starkville

We missed it while we went to Starksville. We just didn’t know about it. Starksville is the home to Mississippi State University and while there we went to the U.S.Grant Presidential Library, but that is a different story.

Bulldog Burgers Tupelo

We went there twice. Both times the food was excellent. Tami enjoyed her food while I gushed about the burger and fries. The second time we were there, it was pretty crowded even though we timed our visit for after the lunch hour. Halfway through my meal, I had decided that this burger was going on the all-time best list, so I started getting a little more information. First from our waitress and then from the manager. Clark, the manager was running a good show.

Besides the good food, both times we were there we had an excellent waitress. Typically a waitress will take your order and run. Makayla spent time during our first visit to tell us how to find things while we were in Tupelo. On our second visit, we recognized her right away as the same waitress who helped us on our first visit. Even though wearing her mask (covid precautions) the entire time I recognized her right away. You just can’t hide this level of enthusiasm, even with a mask.

Best of the best (first started in the Food Desert post)

Must-Visit location in Tupelo

Just in case you have any questions, we have no affiliations with any of these companies other than we love their food.

I have been looking for the job of visiting great restaurants and being paid to eat great food. I would even do this job without pay — as long as I get to pick the location and time, and they don’t expect much in terms of knowing what I am talking about.

We only talk about stuff we have actually personally experienced. I hate articles written by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

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3 thoughts on “Best Burger”

  1. Clark Pounds (Bulldog Burger)

    WOW!! Thank you so much! We will pass along the high praise to our entire team because we absolutely could not do it without them. I’ve already forwarded the article to the owners, as well. We truly appreciate you stopping by, and whenever you start craving our Mushroom and Swiss again, we’ll be here!

    P.S. – We notice you have a Best Stout category. We think there is a local stout that could take that crown! 1817 Delta Grind is a coffee stout we carry. The brewery is located in Okolona, and as of right now, they only offer draft.

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