Campsite View Abiquiu Lake Gallina New Mexico

Albuquerque to Chama

Between Albuquerque and Chama is the prettiest place in New Mexico that we have found. The picture is from Abiquiu Lake and has been featured in many paintings.

Kasha – Katuwe

Near Cochiti Lake we found a newer National Monument named Kasha – Katuwe Tent Rocks. The rocks are made of soft(er) pumice from a volcano capped by a harder rock that protects them from erosion.

Kasha – Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument Cochiti New Mexico
Kasha – Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument Cochiti New Mexico

Heron Lake,

This week we are further north at Heron Lake, tucked in a forest at 7500’. This slight elevation change made all the difference in the world with regards to cactus we can walk without all the sharp thorns. The pine trees are wonderful and it is so quiet. Snow is still thick on all the mountains surrounding the Chama River Valley. Heron Lake, however, is nearly empty from several years of drought, but rising fast. Most of the water from this string of reservoirs comes from Colorado through 26 miles of tunnels.

Kayaking Heron Lake Chama New Mexico
Kayaking Heron Lake Chama New Mexico

Snowpack in the San Juan Mountains is way above average all of this bodes well for water content in the reservoirs. From here we are going to turn east for two more weeks in New Mexico. Each stop will feature a new lake to play on.

Our wanders in this area are somewhat confused because after spending a few days at Heron Lake and visiting Chama we retreated back to Abiquiu Lake due to an impending snowstorm. Instead of going back to Abiquiu Lake I had intended to cross the mountains near Taos, alas, that never happened. Instead, we crossed the mountains south of Sante Fe.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route El Paso to Colorado

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4 thoughts on “Albuquerque to Chama”

  1. Thank you for the update. Clark and I were talking about your adventures Saturday evening and were not sure where you were headed next. Now we know. Love you both.

  2. We were in Parhump last week for 6 days.

    Today we are at Susanville CA on our way to Redding to drift fish the Sacramento.

    Then down to Elk Grove for an agility trial next weekend and then home.

    At home it was 32 degrees last night maybe we will have veggies when we get home, sure hope so. I am growing the garden in straw bales so the decomposition is like a heat sink at night.
    Hope all is well with you all

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