Campsite Abiquiu Lake Gallina New Mexico

Ghost Ranch Splendor

It seems the further north we go the more we like it. In the last two weeks, we went from a gravel parking lot in Albuquerque to Cochiti Lake. Then we went a little further north to Abiquiu Lake (pictures) for a very nice week except for the rainy days.  We traded wind for rain and mud. So far it is a good trade. The picture is from Abiquiu Lake and has been featured in many Georgia Okeefe paintings.

View Abiquiu Lake Gallina New Mexico
View Abiquiu Lake Gallina New Mexico

This week we are further north at Heron Lake, tucked in a forest at 7500’.  This slight elevation change made all the difference in the world with regards to cactus we can walk without all the sharp thorns.  The pine trees are wonderful and it is so quiet. Snow is still thick on all the mountains surrounding the Chama River Valley. Heron Lake, however, is nearly empty from several years of drought, but rising fast.  Most of the water from this string of reservoirs comes from Colorado through 26 miles of tunnels.

View Abiquiu Lake Ghost Ranch Gallina New Mexico
View Abiquiu Lake Ghost Ranch Gallina New Mexico

Since we went north to Chama, and then back south, we got to spend lots of time in the Ghost Ranch area. Ghost Ranch is famous because Georgia Okeefe lived at the ranch and based much of her art from this location. Because the Ghost Ranch area is remote, the Okeefe gallery is in Sante Fe — where most of her works, not in private hands, is found.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route El Paso to Colorado

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23 thoughts on “Ghost Ranch Splendor”

  1. Phil and Penny

    Looks nice. Have you been caught in any of the storms that have been going through Texas?


  2. to Phil

    Windy yes. Texas storms nothing like they are getting in Texas. I have no plan for flooding.


  3. to Thomas

    We got our RV in January 2017.

    We purchased it in Phoneix. It is huge to us, but 12 feet shorter than Stu’s was. Now we only have a mini-storage in California.

    Moved to South Dakota, done with California. Spend less on camping than our property tax in Carlsbad was.

    Next year we hope to go see Doug. Going east is a lot more restrictive than staying in the west. Just way more people and fewer National parks big enough to hold this beast.


  4. That’s an incredible photo. And good news on the no cactus. I couldn’t stand walking the dogs at night and randomly kicking a damned cactus. Or pulling the thorns out of the poor dogs.

    How’s the elevation treating you? Were you able to acclimate easily?

  5. to John

    We have been climbing slow enough that the elevation would only be a problem if I were to run….so I don’t do that.


  6. Spectacular,!! Paintings and poems and song were birthed… Spawned from heart longing places within the soul of the beholder. I have now, in your sharing this- a desire to be there one day myself, soon. If in your travels you find knowledge applicable to me, about the make and model of Class C? Is that yours… Features and factors to help me with making a choice… Of course smaller, for a short being …with her OBI-WAN KENOBI. I would be grateful for the input. I understand that the ride and chassis design are strongly considered a factor. I thank you for sharing your experiences*Wonderful😘 Kaitland & OBI

  7. to Kaitland

    Kaitland, going from a custom cargo trailer to an RV is a huge step. You are currently living so small, do you really want to change. I don’t remember your vehicle? Are you going to want to bring it with you? Are you on Facebook, if so there are many groups that are about solo women RVers? I suggest making friends and asking them –they would be right up your style.

    For education purposes…….only
    Class A — looks like a bread box or city bus.
    Class B — is a Van converted to an RV….. I would look at these if I were you.
    Class C — looks like a big truck or a u-haul truck converted to an RV
    Then you have trailers, yours being the smallest, but there is nothing wrong with any of them. I would say that all of them are having the same fun.

    The number one thing I would concern myself with is that all of them are built for maximum profit for the manufacturer. This means they put the lowest quality of everything in them. The number one concern on any used RV is water damage. Do not buy any RV with any water damage. Professional inspections are worth the money. In my opinion, extended warranties are worth zero.

  8. Thank you for your feedback. I am reviewing in detail options and will for this whole season. Your input is valued.☺️

  9. to Julie

    Forgot to tell you. From the passenger seat (or your rear window) you can see the lake, between us and the mountain. Spot # 4. First come first serve only. Not popular with RVs because you have to pull in backwards after you drive the loop backwards.


  10. Hi you two, Where are you now?? Further north, into the beautiful cool environments…of North Central or East… Kaitland & OBI-WAN.

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