View of Shoreline Depot Bay Oregon

Southbound on the Oregon Coast

We are heading southbound on the Oregon Coast. The best description is that we are southbound on the north half of the Oregon coast. Much of our stay at Fort Stevens was in the rain. We did get a few breaks in the rain but it started up again earnestly when we broke camp and started southbound on the Oregon coast. Highway 101.

We drove in the rain for almost 60 miles before the weather cleared. The rain has stopped as of yesterday morning and now we have a blue sky.  We drove south through Tillamook and stopped for lunch at the Tillamook Creamery. The primary parking lot was nearly full and to get to the RV parking we had to take a lap around the full parking lot with our RV.  The spots for the RVs were big enough to pull through without taking our car off the RV. Lunch was tasty, with lots of cheese.

View of Shoreline Depot Bay Oregon on our trip southbound on the Oregon coast.
View of Shoreline Depot Bay Oregon on our trip southbound on the Oregon coast.

Fort Stevens to Lincoln

The drive from Fort Stevens to Lincoln was nonstop rain. This was not the most rain we ever had but it was the longest drive in the rain. The windshield wipers got a good workout and the RV got a good test for water penetration while driving.  When sitting we have on and off persistent leaks and over the last week these repairs also held fine. We had a full week of rain and no leaks, happy – happy.

I’m glad that we saw the Oregon Coast on our way to Fort Stevens on our way north.  We also saw the section north of Lincoln on our route last year. This year we saw rain and trees. Not much for majestic views this year. South of Lincoln, the weather was a little better and we could see enough to know that we want to go back through this section in the car while we are staying in Newport. Today is that day. We have a blue sky and no wind. It should be a fun day and relief from the rain.  

View of Shoreline Depot Bay Oregon
View of Shoreline Depot Bay Oregon

The history of the coast of Oregon first started with the fur trade, and fur hunters nearly drove the sea lions and sea otters to extinction during the fur trade. Astoria (previously mentioned) was the hub of the fur trade. Newport (where we are now) and further southbound on the Oregon coast is Coos Bay (where we are going next) was also heavily involved in the fur trade.

Whale Tail seen from Whale Cove Depot Bay Oregon
Whale Tail we saw from Whale Cove Depot Bay Oregon

The fur trade was followed closely by whaling. The Oregon coastline is on the migration route (between Baja California and Alaska) for huge whales and whale oil at that time was huge money. The fat on the whales was turned into oil of the very finest quality and oil at that time was hard to get.  Whaling made a huge dent in the population of whales in the Pacific Ocean.

View of Whale Cove Shoreline Depot Bay Oregon
View of Whale Cove Shoreline Depot Bay Oregon

Depoe Bay

When you are southbound on the Oregon coast one of the most picturesque towns is Depoe Bay. Depoe Bay is a very small port along the coast where the pictures were taken. When we passed through on Sunday, the small craft warning flag was out and the waves were crashing against the rocks spraying the cars on the highway. Today the small craft warning flag was still up but the tide was out. Still, the ocean was rough, even though the winds were far calmer.  The blue sky today enabled the pictures. It was very pretty.

South Beach State Park

South Beach State Park, where we are staying, is such a nice place. The sites are a little close together but have lots of trees and grass between each site. Many sites have been converted to Yurts, which are far less expensive than hotels. If you are traveling without your RV and assuming you have a sleeping bag, Yurts are a very good option.  As you can tell by the time we have spent in Oregon over the last two years, we really love it here.  You just need to leave before the real rainy season starts.  

Tomorrow, (today by the time I send this) we will be heading south in 70-degree weather, to Winchester Bay, about 70 miles further southbound on the Oregon coast. Again we will have a blue sky.  I expect our move to be a lot more relaxing than the last move. We will be within walking distance of the Umpqua Lighthouse.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route

Link to our route Oregon and California Coast

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