Hot Spring Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

For some reason, fishing has taken a higher priority than writing. 

We have gone to Yellowstone National Park for two days now.  The first-day objective was to kayak Yellowstone Lake.  From our campsite, Yellowstone Lake is much further than I expected, even though we left early (for us) and didn’t have any delays at the entrance or on the roads; it was lunchtime before we arrived.  The wind picked up while we were eating and we canceled the kayak trip and left the kayaks on the car. Now the kayaks are on the beach in front of our RV and are used daily. Instead of kayaking, we drove the east half of the south loop sightseeing and stopping at each interesting location.

Yellowstone Lake Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
Yellowstone Lake Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

Yellowstone is huge

It looks big on the map and looks bigger in person, especially without freeway speeds.  The center of the park is defined by two loops laid out in a figure-eight fashion.  Each loop seems to be around one-hundred miles long.  There are spurs leading north, south, east, northeast, and west from the loops adding at least twenty miles to a drive to enter or exit.  Plan on long days; don’t expect to even drive all the roads in a single day. The park is larger than two states, Rhode Island and Delaware.

Lamar Valley

On Thursday we drove the north loop and a small section of Lamar Valley.  There are at least two packs of wolves in the Lamar Valley.  Grizzly bears come and go at will and are well established, black bears are now afraid, after having the run of the place to themselves for the last hundred years, the re-introduced grizzly bears have black bears as part of their menu.  Coyotes have the same concern about the wolf population. Not long ago the park supported 30,000 elk but that was before the re-introduction of the wolf packs.

Yellowstone River Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
Yellowstone River Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

We saw a few elk, one Pronghorn Buck and lots of buffalo.  After our visit to Custer State Park and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we didn’t stop for the buffalo — except when a ranger was herding two strays off the mountain pass down the middle of the road. The terrain was too steep to walk anywhere except down the road.


Thermal geysers are the star attractions of the park and I was shocked to find out how spread apart they were.  More than half the geysers in the entire world are in the park.  It seems like there is a surprise around every corner.  They are all beautiful in their own fashion and it seems that still, pictures don’t do them justice so I started taking small videos.  I wonder if they will turn out. 

Hot Spring Yellowstone Lake Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
Hot Spring Yellowstone Lake Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

We are not going into the park this weekend (Labor Day) and will go back in Tuesday, hopefully, the park will be quiet and parking more available at each attraction.  We saved the two big attractions for next week: Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring

Hebgen Lake Rainbow Trout
Hebgen Lake Rainbow Trout

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route

Link to our route Minot North Dakota to Boise

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9 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park”

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    The pic of a nice rainbow I think, was it about 16-17 inches?

    How many other or opportunity’s for other’s. Where did you fish?

    A wise move to leave the Park to the masses this weekend.

    We will be returning to Oregon on the Sept. 15th for a ten-day trip.

    Staying at Bullards Beach SP.

    How the ecology changes as a man think he knows better than God and man starts tinkering with balances. Do the wolves have any natural predictors to keep them in check.

    We had a great visit to Nebraska.

    They can have the 90 geg w/ 85% humidity. Give me the desert 90 degrees but only 15% humidity.

    Looking forward to your next update.


  2. to Joel

    The pic of a nice rainbow I think, was it about 16-17 inches? I didn’t tape him but he didn’t fit into my 18-inch fish box.

    How many other or opportunity’s for other’s. Where did you fish?

    I have been fishing the Madison Arm of Hebgen Lake from the campsite all the way to the inlet of the Madison River. This is kayak fishing country. Paddle over to the rising fish and put a floating hopper on the surface. Twitch, hope, retrieve. Most of the time nothing, I hung a wet callibaties as a dropper, but nothing on it. Also hit another big rainbow on the hopper after it sunk, completely different colors on that fish, no rainbow strip, all spots from gills to the tail, at first I though cutthroat but, no red on the gills. I am going to look in my box for a foam flying ant although it doesn’t seem that surface or sub-surface matters. Today I paddled up the Madison and fished the float back down. Lots of fun and followers but only one hit.

    The wolves have no natural predators. They are too fast for Mr. Griz and hunt as a pack. Often they will take an elk only to have Mr. Griz steal it from them.

  3. to Wanda

    The donkeys at Oatman Arizona were enough for me. They all gathered at the door to the candy store waiting for unsuspecting tourist to walk out and they would grab the candy bag.

    One tourist said, “What am I supposed to do?” Tami responded, “buy more candy”.

    Likewise, the donkeys at Custer were smart, gathered at a pullout full of people with treats.

    We saw the donkeys at Custer state park, but didn’t stop and didn’t bring treats.

    Just around the corner from them was a buffalo herd on the road with a traffic jam, people out of their cars, wonder is more people don’t get hurt.


  4. to me

    Old Faithful isn’t quite as faithful as it used to be, I think. The last time I was there we waited for at least a half-hour past the “due time”, but it is worth the wait

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