Prismatic Spring Yellowstone National Park Wyoming

Yellowstone keeps giving and giving

Today Yellowstone gave us a one-hour traffic jam, all for one buffalo on the road. Cars were backed up for at least five miles.  I assumed that a pack of wolves had a grizzly cornered and there was an epic battle.  (maybe it was delirium based hope)  One buffalo was the reason, probably was walking down the middle of the road.  We didn’t see him on the road, he was just off in the trees.  I am so glad that we were not in the same jam of tourists in August.  We would still be there.

Grand Prismatic Spring.

It took several days to get the picture of Grand Prismatic Spring.  I’m glad we came back – it was the total reason to stay an extra day here in West Yellowstone.  Tomorrow we move to Island Park Idaho and the weather is predicted to be better.  Hopefully, we can get back on the kayaks.   What did we miss in Yellowstone, didn’t see any wolves, bears or moose.   

While we were here, Tami found two friends she hasn’t seen in twenty years staying in the same campground.  Of course, they were only here for four days and they saw both black bears and grizzly bears and moose.  We couldn’t accomplish that in more than two weeks.  We will just have to come back.  Next time we are going to come up from the south via Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole.  Our path south will take us to the west side of the Grand Tetons within an easy drive.  The west side is not supposed to be as dramatic, but nice none the less.

We hope to be back with family before the end of the month in Boise.  Oregon in October, depending on the rain.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route

Link to our route Minot North Dakota to Boise

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11 thoughts on “Yellowstone keeps giving and giving”

  1. So glad to took in all the wonder of Yellowstone! So sorry you didn’t see any bears or moose. I promise they are there! All the more reason to go back.

  2. Might we see you in Oct. on your migration to warmer weather?

    The best thing about Yellowstone is it will still be there for a return visit.

    Safe travels and you need to fish the Island Park area.

    Joel & Patti.

  3. to Joel

    Right now we want to drive the coast from Astoria to Brookings. Depends on how rainy it is. Then we cut inland. Still fighting an occasional leak over the passenger side. Only leaks every third storm.


  4. Despite the lack of big wildlife, sounds like a great adventure. Also a great picture of Prismatic Spring. You piqued my interest to go back to Yellowstone. I do think you will enjoy Island Park.


  5. Oh yes, the “animal jams.” It didn’t matter what the animal was, but people would risk life and limb to get a picture of it. We had a lady stand on her brakes in front of us for a bison like 100 yards off the road. Good thing I was paying attention or I’d have totaled her.

    We were lucky enough to see a grizzly with two cubs in Yellowstone, and a moose with a calf in Grand Tetons. The moose was just for a split second though. It’s totally hit and miss finding them.

    We spent a month between the two parks and saw the grizzly’s on our last day. Of course, everyone we met had seen a wolf riding a grizzly while they were chasing a moose that was walking on water. Ok, maybe that’s little over the top, but it really felt like everyone else was seeing them.


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