View of Morro Rock, Morro Bay, California


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving came late in the month this year. We haven’t waited to be thankful. Just like last year, this year has been wonderful.

We are currently in a small Army National Guard Post, between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.

Morro Bay, view from Morro Rock
Morro Bay, view from Morro Rock

Thankful for You

The first and most important thing that we are thankful for is for all the support, encouragement and love, you-all (Texas talk) have shown to us. We couldn’t imagine how wonderful this feels and we are so happy to know each and every one of you.  We wish we could see you more often.

2019 route big box November
Thanksgiving 5

Fox RV Travel

Our Travel Log is now at 115 entries with 822 comments, 46 additional pages, and 562 pictures. I promise to clean up the navigation before the end of the year. It is my next task.  I never considered myself long-winded, but this proves that I was (am) wrong.  I am really happy you have supported this effort so much. I hope you enjoy it. I am stunned when people I haven’t met (yet) comment that they like it.

Our travels

Our travels so far this year we have covered 6887 RV miles as we currently sit just north of San Luis Obispo, California. Overall this year, so far we have moved about 21 miles per day and have stayed in 79 different places. This means that our average stay is just over 4.22 days per location. Our longest stay was for 27 days but other times we only stayed one night.  Overall this means that our average was a four-day stay for every one hundred miles traveled.  

Yesterday we went to Morro Bay, again today and tomorrow we will go to San Simeon via Morro Bay. The bay is very cool and the only place I have seen sea otters in the wild. I will try to get a picture for my next entry.

Big Loop

Our route took us on a big loop around the west. Last year’s route, changed by the wildfires doesn’t look nearly as organized. Between the two years, we have been to every cowboy state except Oklahoma and Kansas.

My favorite spot was West Yellowstone, boondocking for ten days. Tami favored the Oregon Coast. Really it has been a toss-up this year, there were so many great places and great people that we saw.

We won’t be spending much time in San Diego this year, stopping long enough to see family, friends, and doctors. Our plan, starting in January is to beeline across the southwest, including Texas. After that, we will be adding new states to the mix including several in the southeast. I am still questioning where do people go to stay cool, east of the Mississippi, in the summer?

Again, Happy Thanksgiving.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route

Link to our route Oregon and California Coast

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