JackRabbit Article Published

Our JackRabbit article was published in Escapees magazine

Our JackRabbit article was published, this time by Escapees magazine. The article is meant to be a review of this super fun, super small e-bike. Escapees will occasionally publish articles from our blog in their print magazine. This time the JackRabbit e-bike article is in the Escapees print Magazine. In the past, they have published parts of other articles and even some exclusive (just for them) content.

Of course, you saw it here first. All the way back in February. In case you missed it here is the link to our previous article. JackRabbit e-bike

JackRabbit Ebike

I am so impressed by our JackRabbit e-bike. It is fun and useful around the campground. So I made a condensed version of the article for Escapees RV Club and offered it to them to publish in their print magazine.

Tami and our grandson Evan ready for a spin.
Tami and our grandson Evan, all ready for a spin. Yes, we have two JackRabbits.

The magazine was released online yesterday. It should be in members’ mailboxes soon.

About Escapees

Escapees is a wonderful RV club. We are proud to be members. Escapees is the name of their first-class RV print magazine. Last year Escapees asked about our experiences with our cell phone booster here is a link to our blog announcement about that article. Escapees Cell Phone Booster

If you are an RVer, I endorse membership in the Escapees RV club. Here is a link to the Escapees website. Escapees

JackRabbit article

Article by Scott Fox Escapees RV Club Magazine, May/June 2022

We were not compensated by Escapees, JackRabbit, or anyone else for our articles.

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Link to JackRabbit e-bike website. JackRabbit

Links on our website are freely provided. We do not get income or commissions. No, we don’t make paid endorsements.  We don’t make recommendations but instead, we will tell you what we like (or dislike).

Just like the rest of the stuff on our blog, we hope that it helps you. We are so happy you find these articles worth your time. Thanks, we are really enjoying our JackRabbit(s). Yes, we now have a JackRabbit e-bike for each of us.

4 thoughts on “Our JackRabbit article was published in Escapees magazine”

  1. Our small but strong team at JackRabbit Mobility Inc loves authenticity and the spirit of the JackRabbit community -and FoxRVTravel has so much of that!

    Thanks for the additional shout-out and support. We’re very appreciative and we hope to see you live sometime soon down the JackRabbit trail. Until then, let’s rack up some more smiles and miles JackRabbiting around!

  2. Congratulations on getting this article published. We first saw it here on your blog and then in Escapees Magazine. Do they pay you to write these articles?

    1. We don’t take any money to write anything. Not here in this blog or in the magazines that publish the articles. We are only trying to help people by sharing what we do and experience.

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