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We have been published again, this time in Escapee’s Magazine the article is “Do You Need a Cell Phone Booster?” You can read it in the November 2021 issue. Escapees dedicated four full pages to the article including the screenshot at the top of this post. I am honored that they picked up this article and included it in the magazine. Unlike this blog, Escapees uses real (paid-professional) editors so if this sounds better than the weekly blog you know the reason.

Yes, the picture at the top of our article is of our RV at Linville Falls this spring. While we were there we had a real challenge getting cell service and used the experience to write a blog post. I am not going to print the entire magazine article here but it was created from this more detailed blog post: Surecall Cell Phone Booster

The “real” magazine includes a collage of pictures all with cool subtitles. If you want the full impact of the article you can get a copy as a subscriber. As for links to Escapees… Here you go: Escapees

Escapee’s Magazine Article (text) by Scott Fox

The following are the first two paragraphs of the magazine article:

I made my first cell phone booster out of a collection of electronic parts in 2015. This earned me a visit from AT&T. They honed in on my signal and told me to knock it off because my booster and antenna was the best signal in the area. The people up the hill were not happy. They had a good signal from the cell tower and also a signal increase from my cell phone booster. For my neighbors, my cell phone booster was a cell phone jammer.

Now, I am a full-time traveler and getting horrible cell phone service because I am choosing remote locations with hardly any signal. I knew that if I could get a booster and a directional antenna, I could fix that. So, I began boosting my cell phone signal with a SureCall cell phone booster with a directional antenna, and the only time since then that I didn’t have cell service was while camping at the north end of Death Valley and in North Carolina. Here is what you need to know about boosting: If you start with nothing and then boost, you’ll still get nothing. If you have a weak signal and boost it the correct way, you can get a usable signal. If you have a strong signal, boosting it won’t make it better.

This isn’t the first cell phone booster article in our blog.

This one is from 2018. In fact, my June 2021 blog post about the Escapees Magazine article is an update to the 2018 article. Here is a link to the 2018 article. RV Cell phone booster

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