2019 Route

Snippet: Our 2019 Loop is complete

2019 Review

Snippet: Our 2019 Loop is complete. This is a quick review of what where we went, what we saw, and what we did in 2019. The route formed one big box, starting in San Diego and ending again in San Diego. We clipped the corner of Texas, then north all the way to North Dakota. After that, we turned west and drove the entire coast of Oregon followed by California.

Distance traveled 7138 RV miles, 12 states – 6 new states.  (Texas, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana)  Nearly all our travels were never seen before (by us).  The familiar terrain was San Diego to Yuma and Portland to the Oregon Coast. The remainder of the route was brand new. Overall our best location was Yellowstone followed by the Southern Oregon and Northern California Coast. 

You can follow our journey in chronological order starting at this route link on our blog. 2019 Route

2017 – 2019 Review

As you can see from the combined view of all three years routes jumbled into one picture, we still have most of the mountains in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho unvisited. We also have a huge hole in Nevada although I have to admit the attraction to fill in that blank isn’t so concerning. Northern California and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range is also sadly un-touched.  

2017 to 2019 Combined Route
2017 to 2019 Combined Route

The combined map comprises about 17,000 miles of RV travel. I have to admit, that we are almost always missing delightful locations only a few miles away from each stop.

Anyway, this FoxRVTravel-Snippet: Our 2019 Loop is Complete is provided to aid you in navigation by setting up an easy link to our 2019 Route page.

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