FoxRVTravel-Snippet: Oregon State Parks Special Access Pass

Snippet: Oregon State Parks Special Access Pass

Snippet: Oregon State Parks Special Access Pass is available to any disabled veteran, from any state. This is a great program. Thank you, Oregon. Active duty military also included for this benefit — but in a different way.

This is going to be short. The Oregon State Parks Special Access Pass gives any disabled veteran, from any state free access to every Oregon State Park and free camping for ten days per month. Most states limit benefits of this type to veterans from their state. Oregon does not do this. This is for every disabled veteran from any state. We have used the pass for camping numerous times in Oregon every year we have traveled. If you look through our travels, you will easily identify that we love Oregon and especially Oregon State Parks.

Free Camping

Here is the link to the program. Oregon Veterans Special Access Pass

You need to fill out the application and provide proof of disability from the VA, by snail mail. Here is a link to the application. Application

Another way to get discounted camping is discussed in our article on the America the Beautiful Pass.


Some other locations in Oregon, in addition to the State Parks, will extend benefits that they reserve for Oregon veterans to holders of the Access Pass. This includes in some cases free camping at county parks. You need to ask about the benefits. The information is not easy to find, but like a gold nugget, the benefit is worth the effort.

Active Duty

Oregon also refunds entry fees and campground fees for active-duty military, but you have to apply for the refund within thirty days and include proof of active-duty status.


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    1. I think the best way for you to do this is to take your VA paperwork to the nearest National Park with a visitor center. They can help you get a new pass.

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