Campsite Review: American Girl Mine "Campground"

Campsite Review: American Girl Mine “Campground”

Campsite Review: American Girl Mine “Campground” is near an evaporated town on the California side of the Colorado River on the border of near Arizona.

In my understanding, it is not subject to BLM rules but rather is private property. My guess is that it may be abandoned property. Any remnant of the town of Ogilby dried up and blew away. The place we camped was never occupied by anyone other than perhaps the US Army.

Ogilby, the town was located where the road crosses the train tracks.

We enjoyed our stay near the American Girl Mine, except on the windy day.


It is very rustic. From Interstate 8, turn north on California State Route 34 the sign on the highway intersection will say, Blythe.

Just after crossing the train tracks, we took the first road that headed directly east. Some maps name this Sidewinder Road. We then picked a place to camp near South Sidewinder Road. Our campsite was about 400 yards south of the east-west road. In fact, to the west of Route 34 there was an additional road also named Side Winder Road… this time with a space between Side and Winder. To the north, you guessed it, another Sidewinder Road. My description is as good as it gets.

Mojave Desert sunset
Mojave Desert Sunset, American Girl Mine

Camping locations are also found on both sides of this road and American Girl Mine road. American Girl Mine road was the second right turn after crossing the train tracks and heads northeast. My bet is that you can camp off any of these roads in pretty much any direction as long as you stay out of the mining claims.

These are dirt roads with very few signs and leads into the desert west of the Colorado River Valley. The area is east of the Glamis sand dunes. There are no established campsites, but rather it is up to you to find a level spot away from other campers and pick your campsite from one of the open places in the desert.

The dirt roads in this area are served occasionally by a grader that will pile up dirt on both sides of the road making access to the open desert difficult. Sometimes a little shovel work is necessary.

Pack it in–pack it out. There are no services in this area.


Website: None

Address: East of Ogilby Road

Link to Google Map for the area: Ogilby Road

Phone Number/Reservations: None

Dates stayed: January 31 – February 5, 2020

Comfort: Temperatures were nice in the daytime with full sun and no shade. At night the temperature dropped into the 50-degree range. All that changed with a cold front with one very windy day in the forty-degree range.

Elevation: ~400′

Season: Year-round, although temperatures in the summer are extremely hot.

Price Paid: Free

Our Site: Not designated

Hook-ups: None

Dump station: No

Restrooms: No

Shower: Bring your own

Laundry: Are you kidding

Potable Water: None

Water to fill your RV storage tank: None

Cell service: Verizon – good service / AT&T – good service


Campsite Review: American Girl Mine “Campground” insider info:

Every campsite in this area is different. Expect plenty of sunshine, all the campsites are exposed directly to the sun. There is no shade except that which you bring yourselves.

This is a brown place with very little vegetation when it is windy, expect the dust to be in the sky, for miles.

As in BLM land, please limit your stay to less than 14 days, and especially since it may not be governed, you have to do everything yourself. Please leave no trace of your presence except tire tracks and don’t tear up the desert with your tire tracks.


The bonus is that it is free, dry, warm in the winter — compared to nearly every other location in the country. Off-road vehicles are a bonus in this area. There are miles of trails to explore if you have the right toys.

This area is mostly exposed stone and gravel rather than sand dunes. The desert winds have carried all the sand to locations further west. This means you are less likely to get stuck, still the same there are many places you could get stuck. Be especially wary of high centering your RV.


During infrequent rains locations at lower elevations may turn into a creek, without notice and serious flooding may occur. During thunderstorms on the dry mountains to the east, the creek bottoms will turn into flash flood zones. Flooding may cut off exit points, perhaps for days before the roads dry out. All that said, assuming you pick the right weather and assuming you are prepared for this kind of camping, this part of the desert is a good place to stop.

Avoid any location that appears to have trees or growth other than cactus of several types, this indicates above average water for the area and thus is a location to expect to flood.

Since this a dispersed camping opportunity, each location has merits and problems. It is hard to provide details about the area other than it is relatively flat and very dry. Be careful to pick a location that is elevated above the shallow washes and is primarily stone and not sand. All small depressions may turn into creeks during infrequent rains.

Layout & Satellite Views

Campsite Review American Girl Mine Satellite View
Campsite Review American Girl Mine Satellite View

That is our campsite review of the American Girl Mine “Campground”. Here is our link to our interactive map. Campsite Reviews

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