View of Bishop’s Castle near Rye Colorado

Another Surprise Win… Published again.

Snippet: Another Surprise Win… Published again. We love sharing our success with our friends the places we visit are wonderful. We got a surprise today, we were published again.

Tami got an email today, from one of our traveling friends,  that said our picture of Bishops Castle was selected as a winner in the travel pictures section of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) magazine. So we are published again. We were surprised to learn that we were the winners. FMCA seems to do that and both times it is great news.  

Bishop’s Castle Photo

I remember sending the picture to FMCA, along with our blog entry in June but didn’t think of it as a contest entry. If they want to publish more, and different pictures from our travel blog, I would love to send them full resolution copies. 

Family RVing is the name of the monthly magazine and outlines all the club news and events including articles about traveling in RVs mostly across the United States and Canada. Every month they have a section dedicated to introducing the members, called Living the Life (I think it should be called Loving the Life) that members share their story. We have friends that have been featured in that section.

Cover photo

Previously we had the cover photo on the same magazine, this time we are on the inside of the back cover. FMCA didn’t mention our website in the caption. You can see the magazine cover story here

When I called them this morning, they said they just wanted to surprise us. Well, they did. It was a great surprise to win. They also said that they get lots of photos but that ours were the most interesting. It is hard to get more interesting than Bishop’s Castle. Plus the picture had the right drama and shape.

You can view the blog entry and higher quality picture on our website here.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route

Link to our current route Oregon and California Coast

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