Ultra-light camp chairs

Ultra-Light Camp Chairs

Ultra-Light Camp Chairs: Our new Cascade Mountain Tech Ultra-light camp chairs are new additions to our outside living space. They are new and long-term testing isn’t done. Actually, long-term testing hasn’t even started. They are our new back of the car chairs and we are taking them everywhere and are getting lots of use out of them.

Our new Ultra-light camp chairs are ideal for traveling; they are small lightweight and easy to use (more later). But to establish some background camp chairs have always been an unsettled issue for us.

Our most tested chair

Our most tested, longest life, most comfortable camp chair that we have found is from Costco.  The real name is Timber Ridge and the nickname is zero gravity.  It seems that the zero-gravity chair was patented in 2015 and now it seems that there are many manufactures of the same chair. Ours is a little faded after using it, nearly every day for more than three years but still works perfectly. It is a lounge/recliner chair. Falling asleep is a possible result of over-use. It even has a built-in drink table. I have seen other chairs of this style. They are supported by bungee cords along the sides; ours has a cover over the bungee cords. It is heavy and bulky. If the weather is bad we just fold it up to stow it out of the rain but other than that it gets zero care.

Our Timber Ridge zero-gravity heavy chair.
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 12


Every other chair we have used has died a slow death. They also are treated the same way as the Timber Ridge zero-gravity chair. I say “they” because I am now on the second one. I got the first one in the summer of 2017. It lasted about a year and a half. I replaced it with the same chair in a different color. This chair has the same heavy, bulky character as the zero-gravity but fades dramatically in the sun to the point the fabric rips at stress points.

After only a year and a half our very comfortable chair is nearly dead from sun damage.
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 13

It is comfortable and both were identical except for color. The best feature is the back support. The problem is that these chairs are not durable. A year and a half is all one chair is good for. For the last half-year, it looks pretty ragged.   Yes, we fold it up and stow it out of the rain.

This chair is still plenty heavy and bulky even when folded.
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 14

The problem with heavy and bulky is that we don’t really have room to put them away anytime that we are not using them. The problem isn’t how often we sit in them but rather the weather. We try to use them every day. Of course, we don’t get to; sometimes we are out having fun.

Guest chairs

We also have two other camp chairs, reserved for guests, that are lighter we don’t get them out unless we are having guests.  They are smaller, slightly lower weight, and live in the back of the car. They are also our out-and-about chairs. This has changed now our Ultra-Light Cascade Mountain Tech chairs are our out-and-about chairs. Pretty soon they may be our guest chairs.

Our semi heavy, bulky guest chairs.
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 15

The unwritten campsite chair code

One of the codes of campsite visiting – I call the chair code. If you are two people camping and you get out two chairs, then you are sending out the signal that you are not receiving visitors. Chatting should be short.  If you get out four chairs and are only occupying two chairs, then visitors are either expected you are at least open for a visit.

Holding three Cascade MountainTech Ultra Light camp chairs.
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 16

Sometimes we get all the chairs out when we expect visitors (for us that was four chairs), but most of the time we only get out two. Sometimes we get groups of more than two visitors other visitors and we have to ask people to bring their own chairs (and drinks).  That was exactly the way we found our newest camp chairs.

New Ultra-Light Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chairs

What if camp chairs were lighter weight (much lighter) and smaller when folded, (much smaller) when folded? Our new camp chairs were designed for just that. In the same space as our zero gravity lounger, we could fit eight of our new chairs. Even with eight of these new chairs the total weight of eight chairs wouldn’t be close to equal to that of our zero gravity.

Holding three Cascade MountainTech Ultra Light camp chairs still in the bags.
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 17

Cascade Mountain Tech Chairs

These chairs weren’t really designed for RVing – but RVers should take note. Short-distance back-packers may also want to take note. I wouldn’t have taken them up Mount Whitney but I would have taken them on many short camping trips. They are small enough they would almost fit in a fishing tackle box.

A Cascade MountainTech Ultra Light camp chair in it's bag with carry sling..
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 18

These chairs are a clever design with some strong – lightweight tubular aluminum legs, shock-corded together so that they fold easily but always go back to their correct shape when ready for the nylon seat.  At the bottom of each leg, there is a large sand foot that keeps the foot above the surface in very soft dirt.

Trick Assembly

The trick to assembly is to assemble the backstays into the nylon fabric pockets before you insert the shock cord end into the plastic hub. Always finish the back before working on the seat. After putting the backstays into the nylon pockets, then insert the shock cord ends into the plastic hub.

Cascade MountainTech Ultra Light camp chair frame.
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 19

After working on the back, assemble the seat. With the seat stays in the plastic hub, insert the free end of these stays into the fabric seat pockets. The loops at each corner make this easier. Make sure that all the stays are fully inserted into both the nylon seat pockets and plastic joints before using the chair.


They look a little small and I look a little big but I assure you they are as comfortable as any camp chair that I have used. A real advantage is that they have a tall back and even a small, two-position pillow attached to the back with Velcro. Another good thing for me is that they don’t have arms.  For me, the lack of arms makes the chairs ideal for playing the guitar. 

No arms makes our Ultra-Light Camp Chairs deal for playing the guitar.
Ultra-Light Camp Chairs 20

As far as drink holders are concerned, nope.  I have been talking to the manufacture about making an ultra-light end table to go along with the chairs. We will see where that goes in the future.

At Costco Remember I mentioned that our heaviest chair came from Costco — well so did these chairs. Or they are available directly from the manufacturer online at this link. Cascade Mountain Tech

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