Snippet: TSD Logistics Fuel Discount Program

Snippet: TSD Logistics Fuel Discount Program

Snippet: TSD Logistics Fuel Discount Program can save some RVers lots of money at the fuel pumps. It is free and the program is easy to use.  It is not a secret that buying in bulk can save money. TSD Logistics makes buying fuel in bulk easy for the average RVer. The way this works is TSD contracts for the fuel at a given price for all their members, big trucks, and RVs alike and then they route our purchase through their bulk buying.

To use the program you only need to meet two criteria.

  • Diesel Fuel Only
  • Fueling in the commercial truck lanes

You can see from the following two pictures how the program works for us. We have been using the program for the last six months. We were late adopters to the program because when it first started we didn’t have a diesel RV.

This is the summary page for our cell phone application. You can ignore the Cash Advance section, we don’t ever plan on using that part. The section titled Recent Activity shows that we purchased fuel at Petro North Las Vegas and spent $198.35 during our stop. The price at the pump was $266.59. The price per gallon shown on the pump was $2.70 per gallon.

TSD Summary Page

Here are the details of our Petro North Las Vegas fuel stop. As you can see the fees associated with using the program the transaction fee was $0.65 and our savings on the purchase was $67.59. In this case, TSDs cut was $6.76 on our purchase of 98.53 gallons of fuel.

I have heard of people saving nearly a dollar per gallon.

TSD Transaction Details
Snippet: TSD Logistics Fuel Discount Program 5

When you apply for a TSD Logistics account, you create a debit card at the company and all the purchases are via the EFS card control company. This debit card is linked to your bank account. We have a separate bank account for this debit card so that only a little money is at risk in case of a fraud associated withdrawal.

Create a separate bank account for your fuel purchases

So once you get your card, you use it at the pump. Use it as a normal credit card, except you will have to provide a pin number as if this was a bank debit card. If you need it you can also purchase DEF at the pump, but there is no discount on DEF.

Phone Application

The above pictures are screenshots from my phone showing real transactions and real savings. You don’t need the phone to make the program work, you only need the phone to make the program work well. The first picture is a screenshot of near-real-time prices on the phone application. I say near-real-time prices because the prices are not guaranteed to be accurate. Thus you can see that we purchased fuel at the green station named “EDGE” which posted the price of $2.02. Our price was a half-cent higher than $2.01 per gallon.


The TSD Logistics Fuel Discount Program seems to have an issue with bank accounts submitted to the program. Before you make any transaction, call TSD Logistics to ensure they have the correct bank account numbers. The issue is totally their fault — but you are the only one who can fix it and you are the only one that can make sure the numbers are correct. Failure to fix this problem before you use the card will result in a denied transaction or may even result in an insufficient funds charge to your account. This problem has happened to me and a friend on our initial set up. Once it is corrected all our transactions have been fine.

Sign up

Sign up for the program at the TSD Logistics website by clicking this link: TSD RV FUEL there is a way to link your account to our account so that we get a kickback on the program. We however are not in it for the money and only provide this information to you free of charge, without expecting a kickback. This is our normal method, we are not in it for the money. It is not that we don’t care, but rather we don’t want anyone, anywhere to think that we are selling our endorsement. When we meet someday, you can buy burgers.

Another way we save money on fuel is by using the Gas Buddy application on our phone. Here is a link to that program, but as they say, that is a story for another time. Gas Buddy

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2 thoughts on “Snippet: TSD Logistics Fuel Discount Program”

  1. Bill & Brenda Harris

    We are interested but are not sure if this will work for us. We have a Fidelity account already; is this with Fidelity Cash Management Program? Do we apply for a Fidelity Debit Card, or is this something else altogether? We have a motorhome and travel.

  2. I set up a separate account just for my TSD card. The TSD card acts like a debit card and only works at a commercial fuel pump with a key code. I only keep enough money in this account for fuel purchases and nothing else.

    If the account were hacked somehow my only risk will be the funds I keep in that account.

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