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More hunting in Idaho

By now you have the Hunting in Idaho theme figured out.

It was hard to get a good shot on this one, if it wasn’t so amazing it may have not turned out as well. On this one had the typical sign, “falls” but on this one, it wasn’t obvious. We drove down the road that said Fall Creek and saw nothing. We got to the Fall Creek Campground and took a drive through (we were exploring in our Subaru – not our RV, it looked nice, empty — funny how yesterdays snow on the peaks seems to signal the end of the camping season. Besides, it was a Tuesday.  Anyway, no falls, or seemingly anyplace for falls, anywhere in sight. We had crossed a small creek, unnamed on the way in and about a mile past the campground turned around. We figured that perhaps we had the wrong road. It did seem to be a likely place, given the name, but nothing.

Swan Valley

This place is in the Swan Valley, near the Wyoming border, on the Snake River, well south of Ashton.  In this valley, the river splits into multiple paths and slows way down, beautiful in its own right, but it didn’t seem likely that Falls Creek Road had a waterfall on it.

We have been spoofed before by false naming. The first that comes to mind is Klamath Falls Oregon. Not a fall anywhere that anyone one remembers seeing. Perhaps it was intentional false naming or perhaps wishful thinking. The post office has been known to get involved in bad naming, and perhaps the post office already had a Klamath Oregon and had to get creative and named Klamath Falls a slightly different name, just to make a separate location. After all Klamath Falls did have a very nice river, there must be a waterfall somewhere nearby.

Found it

We didn’t see the waterfall until we were on the way back. This time it didn’t take any hiking at all and it couldn’t be seen when heading southwest, or from across the Snake River, only from a northeast direction.  The parking lot was unmarked and lead to the edge of a cliff. Without a rope, or a long walk up the Snake River, something that is best done with waders and a fishing rod, you were not getting to the bottom of this one.

View Fall Creek Falls Swan Valley Idaho
View Fall Creek Falls Swan Valley Idaho

However, this waterfall is possibly the best waterfall I have ever seen, and this waterfall seems to warrant a return trip, perhaps with that long walk, up the river with a fishing rod in hand.  Again I shot it at least a hundred times. I would love to come back in different lighting to catch its different moods. Everyone knows that waterfalls are moody; this one was hiding quite well and probably shy. 

View Snake River Swan Valley Idaho
View Snake River Swan Valley Idaho

Maybe more hunting tomorrow, if the weather holds, Scott and Tami

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

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10 thoughts on “More hunting in Idaho”

  1. to Bill

    Swan Valley and the Snake is very flat here.

    I love this part of the country, but winter has arrived on Teton Pass. We are east of Idaho Falls and headed to Craters of the Moon tomorrow.


  2. You two know how to photograph and how to write! Beautiful picture. You’re not John Muir but there is a passion for nature you communicate and share that I’ve frankly never experienced before. Thank you!

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