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Thomas Hammer Coffee

Thomas Hammer Coffee. This is an interesting happening in our travels. For the first time in my life, I think that an advertising gadget worked — on me. Over the years I have picked up pounds of these trinkets at trade shows and I can’t think of anything that I purchased based on a trinket.

Best Benedict

The story starts with eating out at a small neighborhood restaurant named Brown’s Bottom Bistro in Spokane. We picked it — based on having outside dining. At this restaurant, Tami had breakfast. She said that it was probably the best Eggs Benedict that she has ever found. We even plan to go back to Spokane in about a week to try it again. I had a burger… it was not the best burger I ever had. I will let them have another chance to up their game.

Very Good Coffee

Tami also had a very good cup of coffee and the mug (pictured above) had a hammer on the outside. The coffee was good but as far as I was concerned, the mug was great. We have been using mugs that needed replacing for a long time. Our mugs fit our coffee maker (Aeropress) so well that even though they were long past needing replacing, we kept using them.

I am not sure, but here is how I think the mug worked its way into the restaurant. I believe that the mugs were an advertising specialty, provided to the restaurant as part of a promotion by Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters. (if you buy our coffee, we will give you the mugs)

Update: two days ago we found out that Thomas Hammer didn’t give away the cups, but instead Brown’s Bottom was also so impressed with the mugs, that they purchased them from Thomas Hammer. Thomas Hammer can really upgrade their game here.

We also confirmed that the best Eggs Benedict ever wasn’t a random chance alignment of the stars but indeed is the best Eggs Benedict ever. I had a very wonderful scramble and bypassed retesting the burger.

We wanted our own

So it worked on us. We liked the coffee and the mugs. We decided that the picture of the hammer probably was related to the coffee. So we googled “hammer coffee Spokane” and found that Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters was from Spokane. After leaving the restaurant, we drove to Thomas Hammer headquarters to see if we could buy some coffee and a couple of mugs. But they were closed, to the public, due to the COVID virus.

So while sitting outside in the car, I tried the phone. The Director of Sales answered — Amanda Millican. We explained that we were from out of town, not passing through again in the foreseeable future, and wanted to buy coffee and mugs — and were sitting outside. Amanda made it happen.

It didn’t take long and we were driving away happy. The money Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters spent on mugs at the restaurant worked. We are happy to give them a plug here on our website — and no, we paid for both the coffee and the mugs (the masks were free).

So there is the FoxRVTravel-Snippet: Thomas Hammer Coffee… we wish you well and will be looking for more coffee soon.

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