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E-Bike review FLX Step Thru 2.0

This e-bike review FLX Step Thru 2.0 bike isn’t based on research. Rather this is a first-person e-bike review of my own bike. I know all about it.

I wrote the book on e-bikes.

I call it my e-bike e-book. It has everything you need to know about e-bikes and I keep it up to date with all the latest improvements. So you would be correct to assume that I got a great e-bike and not just a motor and a battery on an out-of-date bike. You would be correct I have a great e-bike. I was pretty picky about each part of my electric bike. Here is a link to my e-book. How to choose the best electric bicycle!

Features that are important to me

Style: The best bike style for me is a comfortable model that can easily climb hills. Here is a link to the section of my article about bike styles that are commonly available. What type of electric bike should you get?

Tire Size: For me, the best bicycle tires are the most efficient models that perform well on a solid surface. I rarely ride on soft surfaces and never ride in mud or snow so I don’t need (noisy) knobby tires. Your needs will be different. Here is a link to the section of my article about bicycle tires that are commonly available. Everything you need to know about bicycle tires

Motor location and gearing: I want my motor to benefit from my gearing. This means that I didn’t want a rear-hub motor. Picking a mid-drive motor enables the motor to use the gears and climb long steep hills. Here is a link to the section of my article about e-bike motors and gearing. Everything you need to know about e-bike motors

Weight: I wanted my electric bikes to have a low weight because I frequently lift them onto my bike rack. Here is a link to the section of my article about e-bike weight. Everything you need to know about e-bike weight

Ride without the battery: A really good e-bike should be easy to ride without the battery installed. If your e-bike rides well without the battery it will ride well with the battery. This becomes really important when you want to ride your bike in locations that allow normal bicycles but don’t allow electric bicycles. Here is a link to the section of my article about e-bike batteries. What you need to know about e-bike laws.

A great battery: The battery needs to be big enough and strong enough so that you don’t run out of battery during your ride. Here is a link to the section of my article about e-bike batteries. Everything you need to know about e-bike batteries

High-Quality Components: Some people don’t see the difference between the components included on an e-bike. Low-quality components are much more likely to break. Here is a link to the section of my article about e-bike components. Everything you need to know about bike parts

The best e-bike for us

The e-bikes that I chose for our needs were full-size comfort bikes with a few special mountain-style performance details. I should emphasize that it is not a mountain bike suitable for absorbing landing jumps.

I wanted bikes to perform well in the areas I am most likely to ride. You need to choose a bike that is suitable for where you want to ride. Most of my bike rides are on pavement and dry trails. I don’t ride in mud, snow, or sand so I didn’t need a bike that would excel in mud, snow, or sand. Occasional loose gravel eliminates skinny tire road bikes. My previous mountain bikes had two-and-a-half-inch wide knobby tires and that was wide enough. I chose a bike that did not have knobby tires to cut down on road noise and increase efficiency.

E-Bike Review FLX Step Thru 2.0

E-bike review for my FLX Step Thru 2.0 e-bike
FLX Step Through 2.0 mid-drive motor “comfort” e-bike.
  • Step through comfort designed hydroformed frame
  • Name brand Bafang M600 integrated 500-watt mid-drive motor with 850-peak current and 120-newton meters torque 8.6 lbs
  • 48 volt 642 watt-hour key locked Panasonic cell lithium-ion battery integrated into the frame battery weight 7.7 lbs.
  • Torque-sensing motor controller without a throttle
  • Power assist levels 1-5 with a walk mode
  • Color LCD Display with current speed, max speed, average speed, odometer, trip-meter, remaining range, battery consumption
  • Shimano Deore 10-Speed with an 11-36t cassette and a 44t front chainring
  • Total weight 57 pounds, weight without a seat, seatpost, or battery 47 pounds
  • 50-mile expected flat ground range
  • Shimano Deore Groupset with Shimano MT315 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors
  • PROMAX Adjustable 100mm Stem
  • Aluminum Alloy / 300 mm Length / 31.6mm Diameter seat post
  • Suntour NEX suspension fork with lockout and through axel
  • 27.5-inch wheelset with stainless steel spokes
  • Kenda K1082, 27.5″ x 1.5″ smooth tread tires

Testing the FLX Step Thru 2.0 e-bike

I don’t have a test track where I can test bikes on an objective scale. Instead, this will be a subjective evaluation based on numerous rides on various terrain.

  • Comfort is just what I expected the FLX Step Thru 2.0 is very comfortable to ride. The size and frame are ideal. The tires are smooth and not noisy. The front shock absorber is going a good job. The adjustable handlebars may be the best comfort feature. I was easily able to find a position that eliminated my wrist pain.
  • Motor power is ample. The top speed is about thirty miles per hour on flat ground. It picks up speed quickly without hesitation. Perhaps it even accelerates a little too fast from a standing start. Acceleration exceeded my expectations.
  • Gearing is great and has good power both when going fast and climbing hills in the lowest gear. I have yet to find a hill that I can’t ride up quickly.
  • The battery life is great. I have yet to even come close to exhausting the battery. The range provided by the battery is much further than the range that I desire to ride the bike.
  • Power control is just what I expected. My bike has a torque sensor control without a throttle. If I don’t pedal the bike doesn’t move. I cannot only use a throttle to motor along. If I don’t pedal hard, I don’t go fast. Since it doesn’t have a throttle I have to participate in powering the bike.

What I would change on my bike.

In this e-bike review of my FLX Step Thru 2.0, I have a few things that I would change. It is not that these are negative but rather changes that I think will increase my comfort.

  • A more comfortable seat. I already changed the seat to a wider model.
  • Suspension seat post. This will be an easy change once I pick one that I really like. I will keep you posted.
  • Wider tires. As you can see, all my changes are about rider comfort. When I wear the tires out I expect to change them to wider tires. Tires on your bike are the first and most important shock absorbers. I hope wider tires will fit the bike.

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Here is a link to my e-bike e-book. It includes everything you need to know about e-bikes. E-bikes, how to choose the best electric bicycle

The bike we chose is the FLX Comfort 2.0. You can find it and other FLX bikes at this link. FLX E-BIKES

Link to our e-bike FLX Step Through (Comfort) 2.0 mid-drive e-bike

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