Our RV at Point Mugu sunrise

Anniversary: Point Mugu and Seal Beach

Our Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary of living in an RV full-time for two years; tomorrow will be our wedding anniversary.

Comparing the two would be a fool’s errand.

Most importantly let me stay upfront how lucky I am that Tami married me. I am very lucky.


However, this is a travel blog and my wonderful wife isn’t the subject.

As you may or may not recall we had a small problem with our start to full-time RV living, actually we had lots of problems, but the first night was very memorable, you can find the story here. 

Since our last post, we have moved from San Luis Obispo, where we were delighted to visit the Hearst Castle, south to Vandenberg Air Force base, where we went to the Danish town of Solvang. Most impressive was a visit with the curator of Space Launch 10 Museum and control center at Vandenberg.

View from our RV at Point Mugu
View from our RV at Point Mugu

Space Launch 10

On arrival, I told JP, the curator, that this didn’t really remind me of our visit to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center (a first-rate tourist attraction). The Space Launch 10 site is no longer being used by the Air Force and JP turned it into a great museum all hidden in a nondescript building at the end of a road, near the shoreline of Vandenberg Air Force base, just beyond a sign that said, no photos allowed beyond this point.

The treat was seeing the control center and missile parts from the Titan missile projects in the building which are very interesting. Much more interesting was listening to JP as he described his version of RVing and camping in far more remote locations than we will ever be going. We knew by the looks of JPs Jeep outside, caked with mud, with a tent-topper on the roof that JP wandered way off the beaten path, way beyond any road.

Our RV reflection Point Mugu at Sunrise
Our RV reflection Point Mugu at Sunrise

Besides being an authority on the history of the military portions of the space race, JP is also an authority on astronomy, especially taking pictures of astronomy, from remote – very dark locations. In photos of the night sky, JP has taken pictures of space junk in orbit around the earth and knew that he was taking pictures of space junk, rather than satellites. Typically satellites and space junk, streak across his photos of stars, nebula and distant twinkles of light and seem out of place, similar to airplanes (also in the pictures) but much further away.

JP’s website

I really need to get together with him again someday, but he is going to have to come much closer to the road for that to happen.

RV reflection Point Mugu at Sunrise
RV reflection Point Mugu at Sunrise

After Vandenberg Air Force Base, we went to a rustic camp on Point Mugu (Navy) right on the beach and we stayed there for four days. Mostly the weather was cooler with rain for both Vandenberg and Point Mugu.  I did get a few cool pictures in the campground at sunrise. Rather than shooting pictures of the sun rising, I noticed that the sunrise reflections on the window of the RVs in the park were very interesting. Pointing the camera at the rising sun wasn’t as nearly interesting as the reflections.

Reagan Presidential Library

While in Point Mugu, we visited the Reagan Presidential Library. I’m very glad we did and was reminded of all the things that were accomplished during the eight years of his presidency. Part of the library was closed due to a conference, including our ability to walk under Air Force One. The closure was designed to keep us from photobombing Chris Wallace as he was talking on camera at the conference.

Reagan Library Oval Office
Reagan Library Oval Office

We also visited the Nixon Presidental Library while traveling south in this link. California Dreaming


Again we were fire-tourists and again the damage was so sad. Fires burned the entire area, up to the library, including right up to the road and parking lots. I can’t tell you how close to the library it was.  Firefighters made their stand against the flames while standing on the grass in front of the memorial.

Reagan Library wildfire and view
Reagan Library wildfire and view


Heavy rain started less than five miles from Point Mugu on Sunday morning and lasted all the way from Ventura to Long Beach. I’m very happy that it was only misty at Point Mugu when we were packing up and partly cloudy in Seal Beach, where we are now camped during our set-up.  We are here at Seal Beach for the next eight days, and then we go further south.

RV reflection Point Mugu at Sunrise
RV reflection Point Mugu at Sunrise

Here is a link to the google map for Point Mugu.

Link to our 2019 Route

Link to our route Oregon and California Coast

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