Church Fort Stanton Capitan New Mexico

Still in New Mexico

Yes, we are still in New Mexico. We had enough fun in eastern New Mexico. Nice lakes but a constant spring wind made for wetter kayak rides unless we caught the wind just right.  So we re-routed to Albuquerque. The first picture is chapel at Fort Stanton, the second picture is Heron Lake.

Kayaking Heron Lake Chama New Mexico
Kayaking Heron Lake Chama New Mexico

Nothing special about our location except that my brother Joe, and his wife Lindsey live there. We spent many days with them, including Easter. Their daughter Pheobe asked a funny question. How long does it take to go from Alamogordo to Albuquerque? To which my response was “about two and a half weeks”. We travel so slow. We move about once a week and usually for a shorter distance than my commute to work was. 

Elliott, Joe’s and Lindsey’s son (picture) just started driving and is starting to think about college. Got to attend one of his baseball games. It was a win, Last week we moved out of the city. Costco and Walmart only have appeal for a little while. Cochiti Lake, on the Rio Grande River between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, had a real nice campground overlooked the brownest lake I have ever seen. Water is flowing through so fast, the mud doesn’t have time to settle. 

Scott Tami Lindsey Joe Elliott Fox
Scott Tami Lindsey Joe Elliott Fox

Today we are headed north of Santa Fe and stopping at a few more lakes my brother recommended. After about two weeks off the grid, we will cross Taos headed east. Then north to Colorado. 

How far is Taos from Albuquerque? About three weeks. 

So far so good, Scott and Tami

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route El Paso to Colorado

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11 thoughts on “Still in New Mexico”

  1. Hi!! So good to hear from you, and about your travels. I am in Ohio. I also have stories but, need to feed OBI. SO, I will beg off for now. You are a couple hours behind my time… it is getting late here. I just received your text because I have been without any kind of signal for a week or so. Will try you in next two days. Today, Sunday. Glad you are having such an interesting trip. Kaitland and OBI

  2. I knew when you took off on your trip you would fulfill this dream.

    You and Tammy take care…we do miss our friends….

    This is better, Bill

  3. I miss Taos. That entire area is so wonderful. Make sure you drive the enchanted circle, visit the Taos gorge and see the “Earthships” while you’re there.

    I love the sound of traveling that slow. Hopefully one day we can slow down more.


  4. We will! Currently at Abiquiu Lake next week we go to Heron Lake, following that Taos then Cimarron, then Raton. Expect to hit Colorado June 2.

    Snow in Red River and Pagosa today. Rain showers here.


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