FoxRVTravel --Our New RV. Find out how and why we changed to an older, nicer RV.

What kind of RV? We are very sold on our travel style and our RV fits our travel style so the easy answer is??? This RV looks almost the same as the one my father owned. Is our new RV similar?

We think that our RV has the right balance between travel and camping. Why would we want a different RV?  We loved our Tiffin Open Road. It was a great off-grid super nice RV. 

How hard is it to sell an RV. We found out in January. It was shockingly easy because we had a popular RV in very good condition with low mileage.

I think that given all the possible RVs we ended up in a very good place with our Tiffin Open Road. Why would we want to even start looking at different RVs? 

Looks like our new RV is almost the same as our older RV.  Why change when it almost looks the same? Oh, wait the front door is further forward. Is that the only difference?

A friend said the hardest move he ever made — was across the street. We parked our new RV right next door to our old RV. Did that make the move easy?

We have been living in our new RV exactly one week and we have already gained some insights into what we have purchased. 

There were so many unexpected nice things about our new RV. 

There were so many unexpected nice things about our new RV. 

We are creating a hybrid mongrel battery for our RV. The system will have lots of solar, and both lead-acid and lithium batteries.