2017 Route to the solar eclipse

From San Diego California to Cascade Lake Idaho map

This selection documents our 2017 Route San Diego California to Cascade Lake Idaho and the stops along the way. Our full-time RV adventure started with a vacation trip to outline our route to the 2017 Total Solar eclipse. 

On our way to the eclipse we stopped at Las Vegas Nevada for one night, then on to Ely Nevada for one night, followed by Twin Falls Idaho for one night then on to Boise for two nights. 

From Boise we made the final journey to the north end of Cascade Lake where we expected clear sky and being in the north part of the path of total eclipse.  After the spending six days at the Amanita Campground and seeing the eclipse we repeated the same drive with the same stops and the only change was the campground in Las Vegas. 

The number one thing that we learned on this vacation trip was not to drive so far when we depart for our big adventure.  Still we still had lots of work to do before departing on our full time adventure.

The timing of the trip turned out to be the first adventure we documented and was all done before starting the blog. My daughter did pick up on what the future would hold and proposed that we document our adventures this way, but I was hesitant.  So the journal and email were re-worked into blog format, well after the trip. I hope not much was lost in the translation.. 

So by clicking on the link below you will go to our 2017 adventure in blog post format. The primary reason to include it is to provide a starting point to the journey. 

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