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Peplink now Starlink Authorized Technology Provider

(Fast RV internet data news release January 16, 2024) Peplink becomes Starlink Authorized Technology Provider. This is the newest news in Fast RV mobile internet. The combination allows Starlink software and routers to pair with Peplink’s SD-WAN routers.

The combination is available as a new bundled service as of January 16, 2024, that includes the Starlink “High-Performance” antenna and terminal with the Peplink routers. The “High-Performance” antennas are currently being marketed with Peplink routers to combine the best functions of Starlink with Peplink cellular routers. Three different generations of Starlink antennas work in this combination. The “High-Performance” antenna, the “Standard” antenna, and the “Articulated” antenna all operate on the same software and can be combined with the Peplink routers. Overall it is easier to use the “High-Performance” antenna, or the “Standard” antenna rather than the “Articulated” antenna.

You do not have to buy the High-Performance antenna

For most RVers, the “Standard” or “Articulated” antennas will provide you with excellent service. The number one advantage of the “High-Performance” antenna is that it is in a fixed location and does not need to be setup. This advantage becomes a disadvantage if you park your RV under a tree that limits your view of the sky. Here is a link discussing antenna location. Trees are a problem

You can probably upgrade (maybe for free)

Depending on your current Peplink router, you may not need to purchase a new “bundle” using your Peplink router. I do not have the most current RV internet setup but my system is still compatible with this combination. As for me, the upgrade was free and came as an update to my Peplink router. I have been using the features before and I am looking forward to using it even more in the future.

Things like this one are why my Peplink backbone cellular router setup is so versatile.

Peplink MAX BR1 Mini CAT 7
Peplink MAX BR1 Mini CAT 7

Peplink can combine signals

I described the ultimate Fast RV internet solution that allows Peplink to combine signals with cell data providers including Starlink and other Wide Area Network (WAN) signals in this article. How to get FAST RV Internet in 2024

What Peplink does is fuse the combined data sources into one fast, seamless connection via their bonding technologies. These two sections of my Fast RV Internet article discuss this technology. Bonding together multiple data sources & Bonding Starlink to Cellular Data

I also discuss how Peplink can combine signals from multiple sources including Starlink. I also discuss the positives and negatives of the Starlink service. Satellite-based internet

Starlink is very good at downloading data (if the antenna has a clear view of the sky) but is not nearly as good at uploading data. Combining the better download signals with cellular data improves both Starlink and cellular data. Cellular data providers usually have better upload speeds. If you combine Starlink download speeds with the cell data upload advantages you will optimize your signal into one high-speed data connection.

I wrote the book on Fast RV Internet

I call it a free e-book. The intent is to create a reference that any RVer can use to pick what will work for his internet needs. Over the last six years while RVing full-time across the United States and Canada we have overcome the limitations of location on cellular data connections. While the book is long I hope to keep it updated using articles like this one. Here is the link to the e-book. How to get FAST RV Internet in 2024

Starlink Standard and High-Performance make this pairing easy

The reason that these two packages make the pairing easy is that both the “Standard” and “High-Performance” antennas can directly connect the Starlink to the Peplink router via a wired connection. Unless you create or buy an adapter the “Articulated” antennas have proprietary wire connections that do not allow a direct wired connection. For me, I have played around with pairing my “Articulated” antenna to my Peplink router using a wireless connection. The connection would have been much faster using wired “Standard” and “High-Performance” antennas.

Scott unboxing his new Starlink Antenna at Discovery Yukon Lodgings.
Scott and his new “Articulated” antenna.

Bundles are available

Any follower of my blog understands how impressed I am with Mobile Must Have. This company is one of the largest distributors of Peplink routers, high-capacity cellular data plans, and Starlink systems. In addition to standard bundles Mobile Must Have can provide and set up multiple combinations to suit your budget that will combine multiple data sources (cell, Starlink, hotspots, and WAN) for a seamless data connection. Here is a link to an overview of the Starlink/Peplink bundles and possible combinations. Starlink/Peplink bundles

As for me, I will be happy to answer any questions about my setup and experience.

Here is a video from our friends at the Mobile Internet Resouce Center describing the Peplink/Starlink partnership. This combination of technologies will be good for both companies but especially for consumers who need to combine cell data connections with Starlink data to bridge typical dropouts.

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For Peplink and Starlink service, call Moblie Must Have

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