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Boise for Christmas

Why would we leave San Diego, where we have a great parking spot on San Diego Bay, overlooking the marina and sailboats and go to Boise for Christmas. The answer is family. Several of our friends have offered to come to house-sit for us, in our RV, seems like all of them are further north.

This will be our first vacation from our travels.

We are quite excited to go see family for Christmas in Boise. Our day is going to be quite long after breakfast with my daughter Jessica, Johnny, and our grandchildren we will be in San Diego all day until it is time to go to the airport this evening. We won’t get to Boise, until way beyond bedtime. This will be our first – ever vacation from the RV. I think we left it in a place with a nice view. Merry Christmas to you all.

The picture attached was from a few days ago just after sunset. Again the clouds made the sunset very nice. This was a cell phone picture, without filters.

It is going to be cold and grey when we go to Boise for Christmas, but we will get to see our children and grandchildren, our plan is to stay in a hotel, downtown and walk to their house more than once per day — depending on snowfall and snow depth. It should be a good trip, despite the weather.

Merry Christmas Scott and Tami.

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