Las Vegas to Crooked River

Las Vegas to Sisters

While we are staying in Las Vegas we made a day trip to visit Valley of Fire Nevada State Park which was one of our very first campgrounds. We camped here in March of 2018.

Still in Las Vegas at Nellis Air Force Base. We have not been here since Ground Hog Day, but rather every day feels like Ground Hog Day

For the second time in our two and a half years, while traveling full-time, we were unable to depart on schedule. 

This new RV water system works much the same as the one I installed in my previous RV. The exception is that every part of it is bigger. 

The RV Park we are staying at in Reno (actually Sparks) may be the nicest RV Park we have ever been to.  This is the Sparks Marina RV Park

We are creating a hybrid mongrel battery for our RV. The system will have lots of solar, and both lead-acid and lithium batteries. 

There are basically two ways to cross Oregon (east-west) and the title of this post is appropriate for both routes.

One of the can’t-miss features of Crooked River Ranch is Crooked River Canyon. I say can’t-miss because nearly everywhere on the ranch the canyon wall is obvious.